31 December, 2015

Beanie Hat and Scarf Set from Fuzzy Green #Review #BeanieScarfSet

     One thing my kids always get an abundance of every Christmas is hat, scarf, and mittens sets.  And that's okay, because we can use them, they get wet easily, need changing out frequently, and get lost easily.  It's a fact of life when you have little ones.  This year was no exception, though we did get fewer than usual... but each kid got at least one set.  I got two sets of gloves, Broofy got one, and Baby Bee got two sets.
     One of those is a beanie hat and scarf set from Fuzzy Green.  Remember them?  That's the company I got the skinny tie from.  Anyway, this set is super cute, let me show you.
     Let me clarify, the color of the items is like the professional photo above, not like the one of Baby Bee.  My bedroom light tends to make things more yellow.  But how cute is that, really?  The knit patterns are beautiful, the colors are bold and vibrant, and the little touches are so adorable!
      The hat actually resembles an artists' beret and could easily either be worn loosely as a beret or worn normal as a beanie, depending on your preference.  We prefer beret.  It has a super cute little bear/mouse accent in the front that is brown with a gold bow.  It also has a sizable dark purple pouf on top.
     The scarf is a really nice length and comes in matching colors.  Each end has a pink pouf to match the pink in the scarf and hat.  I like that the pouf on the scarf is not the same color as the one on the hat, it gives a nice amount of interest.
      The set is pretty warm and I've heard no complaints.  She chose to wear it on her own while indoors, so she must like it pretty well.  It fits her well, she's a small five year old.  I think these are just super cute and and I would recommend them.
      To learn more, check out Fuzzy Green on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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