29 December, 2015

#Vipizon Car Trunk #Organizer #Review

      My van is always a hot mess.  At any given moment, it looks like a tornado went through a day care and dumped everything in the middle of my van floor.  It's bad.  We're talking six plus inches of shoes, books, toys, blankets, clothes... that's just after a week!  I've found anything and everything come cleaning day.  We just had a cleaning day this past week and I am happy to say that it now only looks like someone dumped a small office trash can on the floor... way better.  We rush cleaned so we would get it in the shop.
     When my van comes back from the shop, I am determined to keep it clean.  I have so many new cool tools for that including multiple back seat organizers, a visor organizer, a trash can, seat covers, and a really awesome trunk organizer.  Wanna see my trunk organizer?  What?  You do!?  I knew it, okay, here it is:

     Introducing my saving grace, the Vipinzon Car Trunk Organizer for cars, SUVs and minivans.  Yesssah!  Look at that thing!  Okay, let's look at all it's awesome features, one by one.  First, that little pocket on the end there.  In fact, the whole end piece, handle and all, let's look at that.

     That pocket has a Velcro closure.  I don't know if it's necessary to be honest, but better safe than sorry.  The handle is made to be comfortable.  Why?  Because you can use this to carry stuff in from the van to the house and back again.  Do you hear what I'm saying?  This thing can go in each night, be properly emptied and filled for the nest day's adventures and put back in the next day.  It's MADE FOR THAT.

     Beach one day, soccer the next?  No problem.  Just lug it into the house using it's handles, put beach toys away and fill it with water bottles, shin guards, and snacks.  I am all over that idea.  And the kids don't even need to have motivation for that, so long as their things make it into the organizer, the plan stays in tact.

     Now let's look at the sides.  Here's where it gets interesting.  It has eight mesh pockets, four for one side and four for the other.  They are okay sized, great for activity books or other such entertainment.  Since each kid will have their own organizer for that, I'm thinking I will use it for an extra outfit per kid and some flip flops.  Nothing awesome, just a long shirt and leggings, something small, thin, and will work in a pinch for an emergency change.

     Now, see that other thing in the side?  It's a buckle, there is four female buckle ends and two male ends.  If you decide that you really only need one half of the organizer you just scrunch up one half of the unit and buckle it closed on both sides.  If you want to put the organizer away for a while, scrunch the whole thing and buckle it, it becomes super thin and storable.

     Okay, now the inside.  The inside can be divided into either two or three compartments.  There is a main divider, then there is also a second wall that can be attached via Velcro to the inside of one of those main two compartments.  I think I'll be using it, just to further separate snacks from accessories, from toys, etc.

     It's made to hold up to 75 lbs of cargo and has a non-slip bottom to prevent the organizer from sliding around.  I think this organizer is fantastic and I would certainly recommend it to anyone needing their vehicle to be a bit more organized.
     To learn more, check out Vipinzon on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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