14 December, 2015

Magnetic Screen Door #Review #MagneticScreenDoor

     My front door opens right into the kitchen.  In the summertime, when I'm cleaning the kitchen, I like to leave the front door wide open.  There was something about the doors being open and the kitchen being exposed to all that fresh air that made it feel even more clean.  I'd leave the doors open all summer if it weren't for the wasps and hornets that hang around.  Some years they get in and I don't even know how.  We even had one show up in our fridge once!  They're clever, but we certainly don't invite them in.

     We've been wanting a screen door for a while, but we have big French doors and having a screen floor would ruin the look.  So the best thing for us is a removable cloth screen door, like this magnetic screen door from Premium Choice Products.  It's basically a cloth screen door that attaches with Velcro strips to the door frame to be removed whenever convenient.
     The part about this door that's different than others like it is that the door automatically closes after you walk through it.  The magnets enclosed in the center align to come together without you having to do anything.  That's what it was designed to do, so here's how that played out for me:
     First, you are supposed to lay the screen door out on the floor, Velcro side up.  Then you cut the extra Velcro roll to fit the areas you need them and then stick the Velcro together.  They don't come pre-cut, but that's okay with me.  Luckily it wasn't too hard to find scissors.  There was just enough Velcro, with maybe an inch extra.  You're then supposed to hold the screen door up to the door that you are installing it on and figure out the best place to set it.
     This is where my issue came, I have no center post on my French doors, so there was no real place to stick it to that was convenient.  So I decided that instead of being used for a bug screen, I'd use it to just separate spaces, almost like a beaded curtain.  So I decided to install it in my room where my closet is, there is no door and it bothers me to have my closet so exposed.

     So I held it up and realized that the screen is a great size for this doorway.  I was able to stick the Velcro straps to the outsides, leaving a 2-3 inch border around the three edges.  I will warn you though, especially if you are an apartment dweller... stick this to woodwork, NOT painted areas.  I stuck it to my walls and when I adjusted the strap, the paint peeled right off the walls.  To be honest, this doesn't bother me, I'm a hard person to upset.  But it didn't upset me because I have no trim work there yet, it's an unfinished space.  Landlords might not be happy if it were on their walls.
     At the same time, I do love that the strips are so strong.  But just in case you worry or don't want to peel the paint, you could always use the package of tacks that are provided.  They're nice tacks.  I'm actually going to use them for a furniture project that I'm working on in a couple months.

     After I peeled and stuck the whole perimeter, it only needed a little adjusting and the center came together nicely.  When you go through the door, it really does just close behind you!  I love it!  I think after I paint that last part of the wall, I might just put the closet trim right over it.  It seems pretty durable, like it could last for years.

     I'm so happy with the way it works and how easy it was to install.  I just think this is great.  I definitely recommend it for any normal door.  To learn more, check out Premium Choice Products on Facebook, Youtube, Google +, Blogger, and Amazon, as well as their website on Premium Choice Products.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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