20 December, 2015

A Little Late Night Joy Dare

     Today was the terrible, horrible, never ending day.  I honestly don't even remember how it started.  Wait, yes I do... it started good.  But it all went down hill, oh so fast.
     We were all kinda hungry/thirsty and Broofy was starting to get a headache, so we decided on Dunkin.  Well, my Dunkin perks card has been missing for over a month and I keep forgetting to take the auto-reload off, so there was almost $80 on it.  Each of the kids are getting phones for Christmas to use as mini tablets and I thought it would work well for us if I installed the Dunkin App so I could access my money.  It worked!

     The kids were acting terrible right before I left, but I had already taken orders and jotted them down, so I figured I would get them their treats but make them help me clean my van for the shop first before they get it.  I mean, we're talking donuts and Coolatas, that's worth helping me clean for 15 minutes.
     So I took Streaker and Baby Bee with me.  They helped carry things.  Streaker insisted that she carry the Coolatas.  And though I know she has the grace of a limp noodle, she tugged at my heart strings a little with wanting so badly to help and to be the one the kids love to see walk in the front door, so I talked with her seriously about being very careful and holding so it didn't spill.  We made it into the van with no damage, so I was feeling pretty good.

     We got home and again, I drill into her head how important it is to hold them well, they are expensive drinks.  We go into the house and she starts walking off with them.  I asked her to come and put them on the counter because they were going to spill if she didn't put them somewhere.  And wouldn't you know it, she tripped on her way to the counter... on seemingly nothing.  Maybe on her sister, but I think probably nothing.  Girls were giving her trouble and she was on the floor clutching her ankle and crying.  The Punk tried to save them by dumping what she could salvage back into the cups, but I decided to just replace them.
     So we went back down to the store and bought new ones, cost over $15 just to find out that two of them did in fact survive the fall and I only needed to replace the two that Punk tried saving.  Got home, it was getting dark.  So I go to get the bins so we can hurry and clean the van before it gets fully dark and the kids abandon me.  Someone used all my empty bins to shove a bunch of miscellaneous things into so they had space in the room that I'm not ready to set up yet.  We're in the middle of transferring rooms and stuff.  It's going to be Streaker and Baby Bee's room soon, right now it's a mess.  I'd been asking them to stay out of that room for several days straight.  Now because they ignored me, I had no bins to clean my van for the shop tomorrow.  Van looks ATROCIOUS by the way.

     So I lock myself away into my room with Broofy and have a bit of a melt down.  It's decided that I will just unbox all the Christmas gifts and use those boxes as bins.  So I put all the Christmas gifts that I just spent an hour or so separating back into one big bag and we manage.  But then it's dark, freezing, and we needed to use Broofy's van to light the inside of my van to clean it because my battery is dead.  We start cleaning the van and the kids are upset because of the night creatures and the dim lighting, etc, etc, etc.
     And..... it starts snowing.  Two kids left rather quickly to clean inside.  Streaker and The Big One stayed out to help me.  During cleaning (which never got finished and needs to be done first thing in the morning), The Big One accidentally shut the broom handle in the back hatch, popping the tail light out of place.  It broke the part that keeps the light on, so it's now got electrical tape holding it in place.  *Sigh*
     Broofy's still not feeling well, but I'm done what I need to do today until early tomorrow morning.  So I'm gonna end the night with a Joy Dare to redirect all this crappy crap in my head and turn it into something better.

     So without further ado... 3 Gifts Manger-Small.  I assume this means small enough to fit into a manger.

1.  The coffees I got today that didn't get spilled.  Mine.  Even though I ordered Pumpkin Spice and got Peppermint Mocha and even though I don't care for peppermint and chocolate together.  It was still coffee.  And it stayed in tact.  It kept me awake.

2.  The Aspirin that works so very well on my tooth pain.  It helps me get to sleep and I'm thankful for it.

3.  This laptop, without which I wouldn't be able to get any work done because my computer mysteriously stopped accepting memory cards and won't connect to the internet.  Without a computer, my kids wouldn't have most of the Christmas gifts that they have, nor would my extended family have any.  So I am grateful for it.

     Well, the rest of today comes early and we have big plans.  So I will catch you all later.  'Nite!


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