15 December, 2015

Custom Dress #Review by #Suuchi

     I have a problem.  It's a heart problem, my blood doesn't oxygenate properly.  Or maybe it's the narcolepsy that runs in the family... maybe it's a combination of both.  But for some reason I can NOT stay awake without coffee.  I just can't.  If I go without coffee, I sleep all day long.  I might wake for an hour or two and possibly get something done, then it's back to sleep for several more hours.  In high school, I used to sleep from the moment I got home until the next day.  I remember my sister would bring my supper up to my room and I would wake only barely to take a bite.  The next time I woke, it would be cold, but I would take a bite again and fall back asleep.  I must have averaged 6 bites of each supper, but my mom would send it up every night anyway.
     Point is, I need coffee.  It's not an addiction, something I don;t need.  I need it.  But it's turned me fat.  I mean that nicely, I don't put myself down or anything, facts are facts.  None of my clothes fit anymore.  I'm somewhere between sizes too.  XL doesn't fit me great, but 2X is quite large on me.  So dressing myself is a bit of a downer, honestly.  But my new dress lifts my spirits a bit.  It's a custom dress made just for me!

     It's the shirt dress from Suuchi.com and I got to choose everything about it.  I chose the fabric and the measurements for each part if the dress.  Well, technically, I chose a couple options and let Baby Bee choose the final fabric.  She chose White Life in Dots.  I love it.
      It came really fast, even being custom measurements.  It was on my door stop in mere days.  It was wrapped nicely and looked great, it's ready to give away as a gift as soon as you get it.

     I was really surprised by the material, it wasn't a dressy kind of fabric like I thought it might be.  It's made of a thicker fabric, almost like thin canvas.

     It fit great.  In truth, the bust was a touch snug, but it would look fine with a tank under it and unbuttoned on that snug spot.  It was hard to measure myself and I ended up using the live chat to try to work through my ordering issues.  The girl I talked to was awesome.  I ended up telling her my measurements and I told her that I usually wear an XL, but the measurements for an XL were slightly smaller than my own.  I do plan to lose a few pounds when I get my treadmill in a few months, so that snug spot will hopefully be a non-issue anyway.

     I love the way the dress looks, I love the waist tie.  It gives the dress shape and something a little extra.  I think this is by far my favorite dress that I own because it was made for me.  There's no big cleavage issues, it's not made for tall people or thin people, it's made for me.  The fabric is something I love... it's just awesome.

     I definitely recommend this store for anyone who has trouble finding things that fit right or for anyone who just wants a high quality dress.  To learn more, check out Suuchi on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, their Blog, and on their website at Suuchi.com

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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