31 December, 2015

Alphabet Magnets for Learning #Review #SOMASIXALPHABETMAGNETS

     Aww, man... Boog is growing up so fast.  I can't believe how smart he is.  Up until a few weeks ago, when Baby Bee really started picking up in words, he was at the same academic level she was and she's in Kindergarten.  SO I'm pretty excited, you might say.
     He turns 3 in a couple months.  He can identify all his letters, shapes, colors, numbers 1-19 and can write all the letters as well as spell a couple words.  He writes the word "MOM" everywhere.  *HEART*  He also has a huge vocabulary.  He's always saying things that I wouldn't expect, like "Whoop!  'Cuse me.", or "You didn't do that, Sumyr did!".  He's also a fairly exceptional artist for his age.  He's pretty amazing.

     I just enrolled him into an online preschool program so he can learn even more.  And along with that, I'm keeping some tools for around the house.  One of them is some alphabet magnets.  I've gotten alphabet magnets before and swore off ever getting them again because they always slid down the fridge if they stayed on at all... but I caved.

     These ones are great.  They stay, the magnets are strong enough to hold them in place.  It's a first of all the magnets I've owned.  They have one magnet each too, which made it that much more surprising.

     These magnets come with Uppercase, Lowercase, and numbers 0-9.  The possibilities are endless!  He instantly grew a liking to them, it actually got him to take his focus off a screen and onto something tactile.  He ADORES letters, I knew it would be a hit.
     The magnets aren't quite as small as other I've had either, not that they're too much bigger.  But they are slightly bigger and their colors are varied and bold.  They are the main primary and secondary colors.  There really is no rhyme or reason to which letters get which color.  Upper and lowercase colors don't always match up, they are pretty random.

     My favorite feature of this set is that it comes wit upper and lower, I think that's great for learning how to spell names.  This whole set is pretty great and I would recommend it for young children.

     To learn more, check out SomaSix on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, or on their website at SomaSix.com.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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