29 December, 2015

#PillowToGo Self-Inflatable Pillow #Review

     Now is the perfect time to stock up on camping supplies for next year's camping season, now that snow has finally hit.  One of my biggest struggles with finding and buying camping equipment is that I need things that will take up little room, but still be useful.  One of our biggest space takers is bedding.  We're talking a pillow each and a warm blanket for at least every two people.  That's minimum, so for a family of seven, that's a lot of bulk.
     It's kind of unnecessary bulk too, because those things don;t need to take up so much space.  for instance, a neat alternative for the pillows would be self-inflating pillows.  They roll up tight when not in use.  Then when you need them, just unroll, loosen the valve and let it sit for a few minutes.
      The Pillow-To-Go self-inflatable pillow by Practico Outdoors is just that kind of pillow.  It comes in it's own drawstring bag.  It's about the size of a roll of paper towels when it's all rolled up and in it's bag.
     When out of it's bag, it's held into it's roll shape by two wide elastic bands.  When they're removed and the valve is loosened, the pillow rolls out flat and starts inflating.  To be honest, it doesn't inflate so much that I would be comfortable.  But the valve is so easy to blow into that it's really quick work to inflate it more full.
     The pillow is waterproof and has a 100% Lifetime Warranty.  It measures 20"x12" when laid out flat and is ergonomically designed to be super comfortable.  I recommend this pillow for anyone who goes camping or travels a lot.

     To learn more, check out Pratico Outdoors on Amazon or on their website, Praticogoods.com

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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