15 December, 2015

A Coupon to Celebrate Gandalf

     This is Gandalf.  He's our little adopted treasure.  We recently went to the Humane Society and got Broofy a dog for his birthday.  And we loved him so much that we decided to also get a cat.  Thing is... our new dog, Blue, has a problem.  He barks.  A LOT.  He actually is healing from a shock collar injury because I think he barked so much that his owners put a collar on him and then he probably also barked at the shock collar.  Gandalf isn't so much a fan of his barking.  Or of him.  He's not a big fan of Rosco either, so he hides away.  I'm trying to break him out of his shell, but it's not working so well.

     I love him anyway though and I'm celebrating my new buddy by sharing a special deal with you.  How does 50% off a cat tunnel sound?  If you have cats, I bet it sounds pretty nice!  Okay, so here's how you get it.  Just click that blue link above, then add it to your Amazon shopping cart.  Next, add the code CO6TFCFC at checkout and voila!  It brings the price down to under $10.  Enjoy!


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