17 December, 2015

A Deal for the Day, 35% off!

     Man, am I sleepy!  I am so going back to bed.  I don't know why either, I got more sleep than I usually do.  I vaguely remember having an action packed dream where an alarm was going off and then I was possibly waking my husband up in a frantic way before even waking up myself to realize it was only his work alarm.  And I vaguely remember Boog tossing and turning for FOREVER in an attempt to get comfortable.  But for the most part, I remember nothing.  Usually I feel like I am awake and aware of every movement or sound, but I was OUT last night.  And I am still tired.
     Thank God my mother-in-law and father-in-law left their truck here for me to use while mine is out of action.  The girls all have a holiday concert that I don't want to miss and I need a Dunkin'.  It's one of those days.  But before I catch up on obviously needed sleep, I'm gonna offer you this deal:
     It's a car trunk organizer from Vipinzon, usually selling for $59.95.  Today, we're offering it to you for $38.95, a drop of $21!  The only stipulation is that you let the company know what you think by leaving a review on Amazon.  Not a bad trade-off, I'd say.  So if you need one of these and could use the discount, just grab the code here: https://vipinzon.leadpages.co/auto-trunk-organizer-facebook/
     This is only for today.  I hope you can make use of it!  Have a great day, guys!  I'll see you after my nap with some more cool things I think you might like and probably also a Joy Dare because I could use one of those.


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