30 November, 2015

Two Stage Knife Sharpener by System-Sharpener #Review #SystemSharpener

     I tend to collect things without realizing it.  I think a lot of it is that I almost never say no to things that are given to me.  Part of that is not wanting to insult the person, like their things aren't good enough for me.  Part of it is that I just can't say no, period.  It's very, very difficult for me to say no.  Most of though, it is that it has saved me so much money in the long run to not have to buy things.  I'm okay with second hand, I'm okay with things that work okay, but not perfect, and I'm okay with having to do some work to fix things.
     As a result, I have a TON of knives.  I really need to just dwindle down.  But I do have a ton.  Not all of them are super sharp and I definitely could use some sharpening.  That's where the System Knife Sharpener comes in handy.

     It's a pretty cute little thing that has a nice vivid color.  It uses a suction cup on the bottom to hold it in place while you sharpen.  That's a nice little safety feature.  To use it, you press firmly onto a flat surface, then push the black lever down to lock the suction cup. 

     To sharpen the knives, first you slide the knife at a downward angle from heel to tip firmly about five times using the coarse sharpener.  The coarse sharpener is Stage 1.  When you feel the knife has been fairly well sharpened, you switch over to Stage 2, fine sharpening.

     To use that stage, do the same thing as the first, slide from heel to tip in a downward motion until the blade is nice and smooth and sharp.  When I tried it, I got my knife pretty darn sharp.  Granted, it wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped, but practice makes perfect.  It did a good job overall.

     Do you have knives that need sharpening?
     To learn more, check out System-Sharpener at Facebook, Amazon, and on their website at System-Sharpener.com.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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