19 December, 2015

Set of 9 #WhiskeyStones and Carry Bag #Review

Image from Notonthehighstreet.com
     My mom is a library director.  Each year, along with her amazing co-workers, they put on a reading program.  Kids come each week to learn about something new and to do cool activities and meet some pretty awesome people who do cool things for a living.  Last year we got to explore some incredible rock samples.  There were rocks that had fossils in them, but weren't boring fossil rocks, they were polished and it looked like the rock and fossil were one and the same.  They also had this rock called Ulexite, or TV Stone.  It allows you to see through it and can even act a bit like a magnifying glass.  It was my favorite.
     Another pretty cool stone that was there was soap stone.  It feels so smooth and soft, almost velvety.  It really does feel like soap!  One of the coolest featured about this particular stone was how cold it felt.  It felt much cooler than the other rocks there.  That's just the quality that makes this the stone of choice for Whiskey Stones.
      They aren't just for whiskey.  These ones from ZCUTT are being used mostly for iced tea.  The reason they are called whiskey stones is because whiskey stones is because whiskey isn't typically kept in a fridge, so it isn't cold.
     The way you use these is you put them in the freezer for four hours, then place three stones into your drink, pour your drink so that it's just covering the them and two minutes later, it should be cold enough to enjoy.  Of course, you could probably add a few more stones for more drink or use a few with an already cold drink to keep it cold.  They're pretty versatile.
     This set comes pretty much ready to give as a gift.  It comes with a gift box and a small velvet drawstring bag.  The bag easily fits all of them with a little extra room.  That bag is a nice way to store them in the freezer.
     I think these stones are a great way to cool down a drink without watering it down.  They work really well and are easy enough to clean.  I would recommend them for anyone who doesn't care for ice.  To learn more, check out ZCUTT on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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