09 December, 2015

Celebrating Vaca Week with 50% Off! #Deals #Coupons #Christmas #Headphones

      Broofy had a few vacation days left this year, so he decided to use them before the year ended.  So he's on vacation this week and I get to hang out with him while he gets a break from his job, which can be pretty hard on a person.  So I thought since I get to spend time with Broofy that I'd celebrate.
      What better way to celebrate than with some 50% off coupons just in time for the holidays!?  Ready?  Of course you are.  Here we go:
      This one's not the funnest of the bunch, but it's definitely useful, it's a magnetic screen door to keep bugs out of the home.  That's pretty neat, I plan to use it this summer.  This coupon lowers the price to $14.98 from now until December 19th.  Your special code is 6JLMYVS6.

     These next two are my personal favorite Christmas items this year.  Sound Intone headphones!  I've got several different codes for you, so hold tight.  First code is for the CX05 Headphones (keep your eyes peeled for a review this next week).  They've got a really neat look to them and come in three colors, green, blue, and red.  Here are your 50% off codes for those: CX05DI50.

     The next code is for the HD980 headphones.  These are pretty sharp looking, I love them.  The codes are for blue and black phones.  Your 50% off code is HD980D50.

     The next one is for an awesome pair of gaming headphones, the G830 phones.  This code is for the yellow pair, the code is G830DI50.

     The next is for the Sound Intone I50 Headphones.  I love these!  These will also be on my review list this next week, so watch for that.  This code is for the red pair.  Ready?  It's I50DIS5.

     And the last code that I have for you tonight is for a pair of 166 Earphones.  It's for the white pair.  For 50% off of these, use the code I66I6612 at checkout.
     Alright guys, I hope you can make some use of these awesome coupons.  I know I will be using at least one of them! 



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