13 December, 2015

12 Piece Dinosaur Toy Set #Review

     Boog is getting to be a very good artist.  A few weeks ago, he was just starting to draw things.  He started with faces, then moved onto spiders, foxes, and dinosaurs.  Now he's tracing super complicated pictures and you can tell what they are!  It's insane.  He's my little prodigy.

     I think  it's awesome that one of his first drawings was a dinosaur.  It had bumps all down it's back and everything.  It was pretty detailed for a two year old who just started drawing.  It made me think, I've definitely got to get the movie The Good Dinosaur.  I think he'd love it.

      I think he'll also definitely love these toy dinosaurs from Kids Imaginative, it's a 12 piece dinosaur toy set.  What's cool about these is that they differ so much.  No two dinosaurs were the same kind or the same coloring.

     The set ranged from two legged carnivores to two legged herbivores, four legged carnivores, to four legged herbivores, in varying heights and postures.

     They aren't perfect, you can see the glue in some of them where the two halves were put together.  But the details are great.  Just look at the veiny areas and the wrinkles and such.
  I just love their little faces.  On some of them, the eyes pop, like this guy.  Then on some, maybe not so much.  So they do differ and they aren't flaw free, like this guy's tongue.  But they are perfect for kids.
     Look at the skin creases!  I can't wait til Boogie sees these.  Maybe it will be enough to get Gummy Bear out of his head.
     I most definitely recommend these dinosaurs to anyone with small kids who could benefit from having them.  To learn more, check out Kids Imaginative on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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