14 September, 2015

#TheSpunkySoul Navy Eyeglasses Case with Cleaning Cloth #Review

     This is The Big One.  Beautiful, isn't she?  She's also pretty amazing.  I mean, sure, she picks fights and does the overly controlling big sibling thing.  Truth be told, she drives me nuts.  But she is so compassionate, she always has these plans to raise money for needy people and to donate her things to homeless shelters.  And she always sticks up for people, she knows when something is wrong.  She won't let her shyness get in the way of what's right.  She is so unlike me in all the ways that could make her great.  I don't know how I got her.  That kid up there... she's mine... it baffles the mind.  How did ANY of my kids come from me?  Except Baby Bee, she's all me.  I claim her.
     But really, I don't get it.  From the minute she was born, I didn't understand how I was so lucky.
     Anyway, enough bragging on her, just wanted to let you know that it's her birthday!  As of 9:42 this morning, she will be 11 years old.  CRAZY!  How did she get that old?  Well, as part of her birthday festivities, she is getting one present from me and her dad.  It used to be a big thing with lots of gifts, whatever we could afford.  The thing with that is that some kids would have birthdays at a really tough time in the year and always get shafted.  Poor Streaker, one year she got a bucket from the Dollar Tree with four other Dollar Tree cheapie things in it and that was all we could do, but her brother a few months earlier had a birthday at tax return time.  See where I'm going with this?  It wasn't even close to fair.  So now one gift and one outing of their choice is the plan.  Punk just chose a trip to the mall and The Big One chose the Water Slide Park next weekend.  Lord, please let the hot weather last until then.
     So this year, the gift isn't a super fun one, but it's a much needed one.  And as far as much needed things go, it's about as fun as it will get.  It's a Navy Glasses Case from Spunky Soul and it comes with a cleaning cloth to match.  The case itself is a metal-bodied case with a strong metal hing.  The inside is covered by a soft velvet and the outside in a leather/vinyl type material.
     As you can see, the case and cloth both have a cool gear style design.  The case is plain on the outside, but has an embossed silver gear decoration on the top of the inside.  I thought this was a pretty neat add-on that makes them a bit unique from other plain cases.
     The cloth is double sided, with the same design on front and back.  The print is very beautifully colored and is a striking and bold design.  I wanted this case for my daughter because she is very much a tom boy and loves things like football, cars, and machinery.  Blue is also a favorite.  But I think that this case would be well favored by men and teen boys as well.
     The size of this case is perfect for small to medium glasses.  It might not be ideal for the big aviator style sunglasses.  The exact dimensions are L 6.25 H 1.5 W 2.75 inches on the outside and a touch smaller at L6 H 1.25 W 2.5 inches for the inside.  It will be more than enough room for The Big One's glasses and would have worked fine for any other pair that we have in our home.
     Ans as you can see by the pretty helpful list on the side of the box, glasses cases don't necessarily need to be used solely for glasses.  As a photographer, I envision using a glasses case for extra memory cards, a back up battery, battery charger and a USB cord.  But you could use the case for any small electronic accessory kit.  For instance, ear buds, cord, cleaning cloth, and stylus for a tablet loving kid or maybe some spare Nintendo DS games and the cleaning cloth for the gamer in the family.  Of course it would be great for a travel art kit or purse catch-all.  It makes the perfect carry case for the van too, no matter what the interest.
     My personal thoughts on it are that it seems really rugged.  Of course time will tell, you never can know until you've had lots of time with it.  But I don't doubt it's ability to stand the test of time.  The thumb notch in the front that helps you open it easier is certainly convenient.  We've owned a case or two without it and we definitely prefer one with.  From looking at the photos, the inside gear decoration looked as though it popped out, but it doesn't.  That was a relief.  Overall, we really like the case.  The Big One brought it to school to keep her glasses safe there and I have no doubt that her friends will like it.  And it will keep her glasses scratch free long enough for me to be able to get a second pair for home.  So we're happy!
     What would you use a case like this for?
     To learn more, check out Spunky Soul on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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