29 September, 2015

Chef Rimer Instant Read Cooking Thermometer #Review #MeatThermometer

     Do you know what I've always wanted to do more of, but never really had the knack for?  Making candies.  I use the soft ball, hard ball test whenever I try, but it just never worked out quite right for me.  My mom is gifted with that and she can do it with no problem, but me... not so much.  I know that you need a thermometer for that kind of cooking, but I always had somewhere else for my money to go, you know?  Luckily, I was recently given a couple thermometers and have had a chance to see what I was missing out on.
     One of them is called the Chef Rimer Instant Read Thermometer.  You can find it on Amazon for about $25.  It comes in a cool tube and it has pretty much every feature that you would need in a cooking thermometer.  It of course has a display so that you can see the temperature.  It's very easy to read, no faint numbers.  It didn't fog up at all when I placed it in the pot, over the steam.
     I actually used it in a vat of hot oil, it did great!  It never stopped working, it just kept going.  It has a temperature range of -58 F to 572 F.  If you're from away, that's equal to -50 C to 300 C.  It's nice that we can change it back and forth because most countries use Celsius and it's nice to be able to try recipes from abroad.
     It also has a neat little 'hold' button.  It holds the temperature that you last had until you don't need it anymore.  This can be really helpful.  I think that this can be used to help the temperature catch up quicker when it's taken out..?  I did find, when comparing the two thermometers, that this thermometer does seem to get up to temperature faster anyway, so you won't have to wait long regardless.
     This thermometer comes with a battery already included so that you can use it pretty much straight from the package.  To change the battery, you just unscrew the end cap, it takes a flat disc style battery.  Also definitely worth noting is that this particular thermometer comes with a lifetime guarantee.  So if you have one that has a good battery and isn't working, and you haven't run it over with a car or some other foolish misuse, you're probably eligible to get a replacement.  But I bet you won't need one.  *wink*
     The probe part of the thermometer is plenty sharp enough to penetrate meats and such, but not so sharp that you would hurt yourself with normal use.  It's the only part that should be inserted into the hot or cold substance.  Also while testing the two thermometers side by side, I did notice that this one has a longer probe.  It can be placed deeper into hams, etc, as well as be used in deeper pots easier.
     Overall, I really like this thermometer.  It will make a great Christmas gift for someone who loves to be in the kitchen or maybe who someone who loves to barbecue.  It works in every way that it is supposed to, and with a lifetime guarantee, you can't really go wrong.
     Do you make candies?  If you do, what's your favorite kind to make?
     To learn more, check out Chef Rimer on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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