11 September, 2015

Moli Adult Jump Rope #Review

     Why, hello!  Long time no talk *wink*.  How are you doing?  I'm doing pretty good and feeling pretty good.  I'm trying to get myself more active and hydrated.  It's officially official that coffee is off my menu, which will help.  Now I'm at pretty much just sweet tea and water for fluids.  I feel more active and peppy already.  Can ya tell?  Bet ya could.
     Anyways, as part of a more active and healthy lifestyle, I've been trying out some cool exercise equipment, like that jump rope a few weeks back.  'Memba that?  Well, I also have a pilates ball, some loop resistance bands and more coming up that I want to show you.  But this time, I have a different jump rope that I want to share.
     This jump rope is being sold by D&S on Amazon and forgive me, but I'm really not sure the actual brand.  I think it's Moli... fitness buffs, does that sound right?  I know that Moli from Molivation is a big name in the fitness world.  Anyway, I'm leaving a link, so you can find it easily.  It's a wire cable, coated to prevent kinking or tangling.  It's a pretty small diameter wire, making it pretty lightweight.  I haven't decided if I like that yet or not.  I like that it's lightweight, but with a heavier wire, it will sort of propel itself forward and hold it's shape better... so I'm on the fence a bit.

     The handle is a pretty neat design with a 360 degree swivel movement that allows the jump rope to go and go without it snagging.  It's fully adjustable, so short people can use it just as well as tall people.  You just slide the screw and ring to wherever you need it and screw tight.  I bought wire cutters just for this rope, so I can cut the tips.  When folded in half and stepped on with one foot, the rope handles should reach armpit level.  That's how you know it's the right size.
     Now, I will say this... if you don't have the option of snipping the wire, then the ends become a nuisance.  And also the handles tend to slip down the rope a bit because there is nothing to stop it from doing so.  If you put the screw on the other side of it to keep it from falling down the rope, then the rubber ends are the only thing keeping the handle from falling off the end and sometimes it isn't adequate.  I would recommend doing that, but wrapping electric tape around the end of the rope to keep the handles from coming off.  Once you figure it out, it will work fine.
     It also came with a small drawstring style black bag that held it.  It also came with a matching red headband that was very 80's.  But it is certainly soft and I can see how it would be very useful to keep sweat from rolling down your face.  It was also very comfortable.  Wish I had a photo, but my kids ran off with it.  See here for a photo.
     Overall, I think it gives a nice workout and despite the annoyance of the handles moving, it has potential to be a nice jump rope.
     What's your favorite low impact workout?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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