16 September, 2015

Sport-it Waist Pack Fitness Belt #Review #GoSportit

     Today, I took a self-times photo of myself in which I looked HUGE.  It was bad, I'd never seen myself look so big.  And when my daughter came up to me and said "Wow, nice picture, Mom!"  I knew.  I knew that my mirror was even far more inaccurate than I thought.  How can that even be?  How can the image I see in the mirror be so much thinner than what my kids see?  Granted, there are different vantage points to consider, but really?  I mean, the picture was BAD.  So bad that I won't even post it and I am not one to ever shy away from photos.  But this one makes me second guess that idea.  Let's just say, it's my official "before" picture, know what I'm saying?  And that treadmill that I keep putting off, year after year at tax return time... yeah, getting it this year.
     I've known that I need to lose weight for some time now.  I've never seen the scale so high, even in all my pregnancies, and I refuse to hit that next hundred mark.  I WILL lose weight and be 130 again.  As part of my prepping process, I've started collecting sports equipment, exercise equipment, and water bottles, etc.  I don't want there to be any excuse, like "Well, you can't do sit-ups because of your misshapen tailbone.  Heck no, I'm gonna be all "No excuses, Sally!  You have that yoga ball to do sit-ups on!"  I need that kind of preparedness before I really jump in.  Though I am slowly easing myself into better drinking habits and more regular physical activity and so far that alone has suited me well.
     When I do get my treadmill and I start actually exercising, I'm gonna be a little short on pockets.  I won't be exercising in jeans or these shorts, so I'm gonna need somewhere to put my debit card and my money for store runs and such. Lord knows, I'm gonna be too lazy to change into new pants just to run to the store.  And hopefully, I can get to the point where I am comfortable enough to run on trails in public, so I won't even have the option of changing.  That's why the Sport-it Waist Pack is a really good option.
     It's a thin and stretchy, lightweight fabric belt that has inside pockets to hold things like a phone, money, credit cards, keys or mp3 player.  It helps keep things in order and on your person so that you don't need to leave them at home while you're out.
     The sizing, I thought, was very accurate.  I ordered the size that I thought I would need and it fit me perfectly.  It didn't squeeze me and it didn't fall loosely when I moved.  I couldn't even feel my phone in the belt when I wore it.  You'd think I'd be able to, but I wasn't uncomfortable at all!  Can you even see the phone in the photo above?  There it is, right under my left hand!
     A pretty cool and also important feature is the reflective strip (and logo) to keep you safe if running in the early morning or at night.  I think any running gear should help keep you as safe as possible and this does the trick.
      The three pockets, at least in the XL size that I got, are anywhere from 6" to 15" apart and vary in size from about1 1/2" - 4" in width.  The larger hole is great for fitting larger smart phones into and the smaller ones are fine for cards, keys, and such.  I do feel like a fourth pocket could have definitely been thrown in there because the pockets are quite far apart in areas.  Maybe that's just because I have a larger size.  I also would have liked to see some pocket separation going on.  There is just one long pocket that spans the whole length of the belt with three openings, so when I put my cash in, it was a bit hard to retrieve.
      I'm definitely going to be using it and I'm happy that the belt will match a lot of the clothes that I have, since it is colorless.  It also comes in black, by the way.  And I feel that it is a pretty handy little accessory and is going to prove beneficial.  It is wider than other running waist packs for bigger items, so that's a plus.  I'm pretty happy with it.
     Have you joined the running revolution?
     To learn more, check out Sport-it on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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