04 September, 2015

#BeverlyDiamonds #Review

     Have you ever had a bad store experience?  Have you ever been overcharged or bought a terrible product that you couldn't return?  Have you ever had really horrible customer service?  I'm pretty fortunate in that I had to actually think hard to remember anything like that.  I know someone in particular who can just never catch a break and is always having to fight the system just to not be taken advantage of.
     The time that comes to my mind is once when I went into the local convenience store to buy a few sandwiches.  The total came out ridiculously high.  Usually I would just swallow it and vent about it later, but it was VERY high and I was in a mood to stand up for myself.  So I asked why it was so high and the person realized that each sandwich had rung in a number of times and I was being charged in some instances three times for one sandwich.  So they "fixed it" and spent several minutes doing so.  A line was forming behind me and I felt silly.  The new total was lower, but still much higher than I anticipated.  At this point, I was irritated, but I didn't want to look like an idiot or look petty, so I let it go.  When I got to the van, I looked at the receipt to find that I was still being charged multiple times for multiple sandwiches.  And they weren't even cheap sandwiches!  I got home and e-mailed the local management but never heard back.  It was just poor customer service altogether.  I wish I had known how it would be before going!
     Knowing that a place treats their customers right and sells quality goods is important.  And it's also important when you come across excellent service, that you share about it.  So that's what I'm doing.  Recently I stumbled upon Beverly Diamonds.  I wasn't able to review a diamond ring (wouldn't that have been nice?), but I was sent a little token from them so that I could experience what customers might experience.  So here's how that went:
     First of all, their stock is unbelievable and I'm super envious of anyone who actually gets to go and order something from them.  They have nothing but stunning diamonds on white gold, yellow gold, and platinum... everything that you would want in a wedding ring, engagement ring, or other piece of jewelry for that special person in your life.  The choices are almost endless and they all vary in carat weight and metal type.  Some items have multiple kinds of metal as well.  This one below reminds me of my husband's belt, which is silly I guess, but also sentimental and sweet.  It makes me smile:
     So, I "ordered" my little token and was assured of exactly what I was getting.  I knew exactly what metal and what stone I was getting.  It was reassuring to know exactly what to expect.  It shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition.  I was never left wondering how the order was coming along.  I think that's important, especially when working with a company who deals in such important purchases.  And speaking of purchases, probably my favorite feature of the site is that they can help you with financing.  Even us regular people can afford it!
      While browsing the online store, I saw that it really is important to the folks at Beverly Diamonds for customers know what they are ordering and how it differs from things that may seem similar, but aren't.  There is a whole part of the site dedicated to educating customers on different cuts, carat weights, and metal types, among other things.  It's really great to see that there are companies who really care about their customers' happiness and satisfaction.  I definitely recommend checking out Beverly Diamonds if you are in the market for diamond jewelry, you won't be disappointed.
     What's your favorite cut?  I'd have to go with the pear cut (above).
     To learn more, please check out Beverly Diamonds on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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