12 September, 2015

Lejare Mirrored Swimming Goggles #Review #LejaReGoggle

     I think this summer alone I have spent almost $200 in swimming toys and accessories, from buckets to floaties, from bathing suits to goggles.  It's the most that I have ever spent and a lot of it was just replacing what didn't survive more than a week or two at the beginning of the summer.  I bought two whole sets of inflatable floaties because the first set got lost (how do you lose so many floaties!?)  I also bought two whole sets or more of swimming goggles.  I must have bought about 12 pair this year.  Mostly I did this because they couldn't find them when it came time to go to the lake.  Because, you know, keeping them in the van for the next day's swim is unreasonable *insert eyeroll*.   One pair I replaced because it broke for no real reason, the rubber rings just came off and wouldn't stay back on... brand new goggles!  I've started cleaning out some from the summer to get ready for fall and the sheer amount of "lost" stuff that I'm coming across is astounding.
     Fortunately for us, we do have one pair of goggles that I know won;t be lost or ruined anytime soon.  It comes with an awesome protective case that I can clip right onto our beach stroller.  WIN!  They are the Lejare Swimming Goggles for Men and Women.  They do actually fit most of my kids as well with a little adjusting. 

     The goggle lenses are mirrored and fog-resistant.  They are meant to be very easy to see through underwater.  On land, they act much like sunglasses.  I was very impressed with the clarity and quality of the lenses.  I will not here that if the lens does get scratched, it is a lot like eye glasses and there will be an annoying bright blob in your vision while on land.  Underwater it doesn't really affect anything though.
     The straps on the goggles are fully adjustable, as well as the nose piece.  The straps that go around the head, instead of being one large strap that needs to be forced over your head, have a neat little clasping lock that allows the straps to be placed around the sides of the head and then connected.  The strap system allows a more snug fit than traditional straps.

     Speaking of snug, the goggles create a really nice seal around the eyes, best that I have ever experienced.  Enough can't be said about how comfortable and how well these fit.  They are just amazing and I will definitely be selfish and claim them for myself whenever I get into the water.
     Also the best that I have ever experienced is the ear plus that came with them.  These ear plugs, we affectionately call the blue Christmas Trees create an amazing seal.  It has multiple sized plugs all on one stem type piece so that it fits any ear.  This is really great news for me because I have pretty small ear canals and adult plugs don't typically fit my ear very well.
     The case that the goggles and ear plugs comes in is about the coolest case I have ever seen.  It has this cool twist top and when twisted, it automatically opens the case, like magic... I know, I'm easily amused.  This twist top also automatically closes the top when twisted shut.  It also has a really handy hole to clip a carabiner onto so that it's easily accessible and doesn't get lost.  Also notable:  It makes a pretty great play phone when Boog wants to call me up and ask "What doing?".
     So to wrap things up, this is probably the best pair of goggles ever.  I've worn a lot of different pairs over the years, we've gotten them in all different shapes and style, but this one beats them all.  It has the best seal without feeling like your eyes are being sucked out, it has great straps, an awesome case, and anything else that you would want in a pair of goggles.  Except gills.  Gills would be cool.
     What's your must-have beach accessory?
     To learn more, check out Lejare on Facebook and on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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