14 September, 2015

#ScentimentsGifts 100% Soy Lavender Candle #Review

     Did you know that there's such a thing as being nose blind?  It's true!  Okay, that might not be the actual term.  But when you get accustomed to a certain smell, such as your shampoo or your home, or even your van, the smells seem to vanish overtime.  That's why when I use a great shampoo for the first time, I love it, but over the course of a couple weeks, I think "Maybe it doesn't smell as good as I first thought"... but then I hug someone and get a compliment about how great my hair smells and I realize that I just can't smell it anymore.  By the way, ladies, is there ever a better compliment than being told that you smell nice?  It leaves me feeling just a little more confident for weeks afterward.
     I am aware of this nose blindness and sometimes I take measures to counteract it.  One time I bought a scented oil before a trip to Boston.  We were using my van and I didn't want everyone thinking my van smelled bad, because I wouldn't be able to tell.  So I sprinkled it all over my van floor and wouldn't you know it, I got little polka-dotted oil spots on my carpet.  I don't know why it didn't occur to me that that would happen, but of course it did and it looked silly.  Sometimes I also like to try incense in my home or a new cleaner.  Truth be told, it probably doesn't help much, my areas are likely pretty hopeless.
     But this one time I had a candle that was white pine scented and it smelled SOOOO good that my whole apartment smelled like Christmas.  When I saw the Scentiments scented soy candles, I had a good feeling about them.  I thought it might do the same thing.  I was going to check one out for myself and see if I could get my home to smell nice.  But when I saw the designs and scents, I knew it was definitely meant to be a gift and I had to give it away instead.
     I knew right away who I was going to give it to.  Genie, as Boog calls her has spent the whole summer at the beach with us.  She's been great company, super helpful and the other day she even took my soccer kids to soccer practice and stayed there for the whole hour and a half and dropped them back off because I had no vehicle and an adult needed to stay.  It was so nice.  She's always nice.  So this had to be for her.
     When I got it, the first thing I noticed was that the box it comes in is not super sturdy, be warned.  But I also noticed that through the bubble wrap and through the lid, I could smell this most amazing smell.  I think they left the lid on loosely just so you could smell it (good plan, Scentiments).  If you want to know what it smells like, take a gander at the photo above.  That about sums it up, only times 100.  It's a very potent fragrance.  It's not all wishy-washy and watered down, it smells like pure lavender.  It's heavenly.
     The second thing that I noticed after taking the lid off, was that the wick was kinda cool looking.  It's braided instead of twisted.  The candle wax is very soft and smooth.  Just by wiping the top, you can feel the wax left on your finger.  It's a creamy white inconsistent color that looks really neat.  Soy wax also melts at a much lower temperature and tends to last longer than regular wax candles.  They also hold on to the essential oils that create the scent, so the scent is given more slowly and over a longer period.  But the coolest thing about these 100% soy candles is that they are completely natural and biodegradable, gotta love that.
     On the outside of the jar, there is hung a tag that has a cute little design about the candle company and on the back is a TO: and FROM: area for gifting the candle.  It's pretty convenient I think.  Also on the outside of the jar is all the typical markings of a mason jar, which is what the candle is housed in.
     And on the bottom of the jar is a label to tell you how to best use it.  And on the bottom as well is the promise that it's 100% soy as well as made right here in the USA.  Not that I have anything against foreign made products, sometimes I purposely get foreign products to help out thriving women in third world countries.  But in general, if you can keep it local, why not?  You are helping local farmers who grow the soy as well as local candle makers.  Win-Win!
     My personal thoughts are this:  The smell is incredible, like sucking in a lavender field.  Presentation is cute, love the mason jar and the label.  Box it came in could use improving, but really... it's a box.  As long as you don't drop the candle, no harm done.  I would recommend these candles over many, many others.
     What's your favorite candle scent?
     To learn more, check out Scentiments on Amazon and on GiftofCandles.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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