30 September, 2015

The Magical Zoo #2 #ChildrenBooks #Review

     One week ago, I introduced you to The Magical Zoo by Dan Jackson.  It was a cliffhanger about a girl named Sally who finds a magical book at the local library.  When she opens the book, she finds that animal after animal are escaping from the pages and into the library, even a zookeeper jumps out of the book.  Well, obviously the animals can't be left to roam the library or run into the town, so now Sally and Zookeeper John are on a mission to re-capture them and bring them back to their magical zoo.
     In The Magical Zoo #2: Finding Tibby, they first decide to try capturing Tibby the tiger, probably because he's one of the more dangerous of the escapees.  They start off looking for him in the aisles only to see him leave the library through an open door.  Ruh roh!  So they follow him, which was fairly easy since he was in unfamiliar territory and taking it slow.
     When Tibby gets himself into a sticky situation, Zookeeper John helps him stay safe with the use of his net.  The poor tiger though, that isn't the last "cage" he'd be in.  Poor little guy needed to be penned in with a makeshift cage while Sally and John go to catch more of the animals.
     This was a nice second installment to the first book.  I noticed that there were a few pretty subtle animal facts thrown in there during the story, which I like.  The illustrations are colorful and the tiger is adorable.  The book is very child-friendly.  The book also promoted empathy and kindness toward animals through both main characters.  I'm interested to see where the next installment takes us.  I hope the penguin is next.  What do you think?
     Until we talk again, feel free to check out the book's author, Dan Jackson, on Amazon or GoodReads.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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