19 September, 2015

Join Me to Start Testing Products for Free!

     Wouldn't it be nice to spend little to nothing on Christmas this year?  Wouldn't it be a welcome break from the bank if birthday presents were covered this year?  It's possible!  I once paid $100 for Christmas for all 5 of my kids, all my nephews, and all siblings and parents of mine and my husband's.  We're talking a massive amount of people for $100.  How did I do it?  By offering my service of providing honest reviews of products in exchange for the product to keep.  So I was able to test and keep lots of things that I thought my family members would enjoy and all it cost me was my time and my thoughts.  I've already started putting away gifts for this year.  Anyone want to join me?
     Reviewsio is a new program for people who want to start getting free products.  It launches on October 1st and costs nothing!  I fully encourage anyone struggling to provide gifts or even the necessities (I've gotten trash bags and spray cleaner bottles before) to join me.  Let's get free stuff together :)


Christy DuBois said...

This is a wonderful way to help out as you said with Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or items you use on a daily basis. I recently read something about this but it didn't mention the name of this program and it didn't state that it was for bloggers. From your review today you are saying it is for bloggers. So to clarify, it is not for people that do not blog, is this correct ?

Tiffany Taylor said...

Thank so much for the question! You're right that I worded that way, so I'm going to have to go in and change it. I'm pretty sure that it is for anyone willing to review on Amazon, not just bloggers :)

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