16 September, 2015

#SteadyDoggie Golf Iron Club Head Covers #Review

     You know what would be fun, something that I've wanted to do for quite some time now?  Make a mini golf course out back.  Seriously.  I've thought about it a lot.  It could be easy. Well, maybe not EASY, but not too terribly difficult.  I don;t mean the quality where someone could pay you to use it, just maybe something for family get-togethers, on par with corn hole.  In my life, mini golf is the only kind of golf that we do on a regular basis.   We do it tw to three times a year, always for cheap or free.  I just don't have the money or time to put into real golfing.
     But I do know a few people who like to visit the greens from time to time.  One of these people worked on a golf course for a long time.  It was a good time for him.  He worked doing lots of things, like mowing the greens, maintaining the sand, and being caddy for the golfers.  He learned a lot about golf and hard work.
     So when I saw these golf iron club head covers, I thought of him.  They are from Steady Doggie.  They come in a package of 10 and are made of a synthetic leather and are meant to be weather resistant and water proof.  They also are embroidered with the club type in gold on one side with the Steady Doggie logo on the other.
     The first thing that I noticed when I opened the package was that they were much thinner than I anticipated.  However, they had been sealed quite well and after some time airing out and some time being messed with, they doubled in size.  Being a "photo shopper", I rely a lot on pictures of the item, so if you are like me, be aware that these aren't as cushy as they appear.  Here is a more accurate photo of their thickness:

     So to be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed in that, but when searching through Amazon's club head covers, I saw a LOT of similar covers.  So I'm thinking that maybe these aren't as "cheap" as I thought originally.  I envisioned soft fuzzy insides and thick pleather outsides.  But for the price, it's a nice set of covers.
     The club head covers are in fact waterproof material.  They are that pleather type material that looks enough like leather, but feels like thin plastic.  I haven't had any issues with snagging or ripping, so as long as you are using them without great wear and tear, you should be fine.  It will definitely do the job of protecting your clubs, which is what you'd be buying them for.  And unlike many unmarked covers that I came across in my search, these are designed so you can see what clubs are under the covers just by looking at them.  It's easy for the beginner caddy and saves time for the advanced golfer.
      As you can see in the photo above, each cover comes with Velcro patches that help close the cover around the base of the club head so that the cover doesn't slip off.  It also helps it to give adequate protection by preventing it from slipping.  The inside is a strange kind of material that I can't really describe well.  It's kind of like a mix between felt, foam, and nylon.  It's soft enough and won't scuff the clubs.  It adds some padding as well.
     The embroidery is really nice.  It's a pretty golden yellow and is done very nicely.  I love that the logo is on the other side.  I love that a little bit of the pleather material shows through where the golf hole in the logo is.  I also love that the logo is multi-colored and not monotone.  It gives the clubs some color.  The embroidery does not go through the inside padding, it only goes through the outer layer, which is good.
     Overall, I think that I felt a little mislead by the photos on Amazon, I wish they had posted one that better showed the inside material or how thin the covers were, like the photo above from their site.  But I see that they are about as good a quality as any other cover set that you can find that's similarly made.  Though they are thin, they are still very protective and you might not want thicker covers anyway if you have a lot of clubs in one bag.  The price for these is in the mid-lower range for other products of the same shape and material.  So I'm thinking it's a good product for a good price.  And considering how many golf bags I've seen with completely uncovered clubs, I think it would make a pretty good gift.  Gotta protect the clubs you know.
     How are you at golf?  Ever play?
     To learn more, visit Steady Doggie on Amazon and their website.   

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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