15 September, 2015

Some Great Deals for an Incredible Day!

     Hey guys!  Great Day, isn't it?  Up in Maine, the weather is amazing!  It's a nice 73 degrees, sunny, and clear.  You couldn't ask for a better day.  It's a good day for the beach actually.  And because it's such an awesome day, we're gonna celebrate with a few pretty cool deals.  Ready?
     Okay, the first is for the Fuzzy Green solid color skinny neck tie for men.  No, I'm not color blind, Fizzy Green is the brand name.  I like it, don;t you?  It's a 2" tie and comes in a ton of colors.  Actually 16, but I know you didn't really think that I meant a ton.  It's on sale right now for $6.00, down from 12.99, already a savings of 54%.  But with this code I'm about to give you, you can cut another 20% off, making it about $5.17 or so apiece.  That's a great steal!  Makes me wish my Broofy wore ties.  Although, I am debating getting my daughter some ties.  She wants herself a set of them.
     If you want to snatch up this deal, use the coupon code WHRPEORX at checkout.  I don't know how long the original deal will last, but the extra 20% coupon will only last another week and a half, it expires the 26th, so don't think on it too long!
     My second deal for you is for for these pretty awesome BabeMallInc Fashion Tattoo Tights.  They're perfect for lots of different costumes for a certain upcoming holiday.  But I know quite a few people who would wear them just about any day anyway.  There's 21 different designs and right now they are on sale for $4.89, down from $10.99, a 56% drop.  But I have a coupon to cut an extra 10% from that price and bring it down to about $4.40.  How's about that, huh?  Okay, again... not sure how long the original deal lasts, but the coupon for 10% off lasts until the 30th of September.  So that gives you a little over two weeks to mull that one over, assuming the original deal lasts that long.  To get this deal, just enter coupon code XE2QXK3T at checkout.
     And then you can think of me every time you wear them.  Not really, that'd be weird.  You can think of other things, it's okay.  But when you get them and are totally in love with them, please remember me and let me know how much they rock!
     Well, I'm off to get some work done so I can hit up the beach with the kids tonight and do some night swimming.  Have a great day!


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