18 September, 2015

AquaBliss Luxury Shower Head #Review #ShowerBliss

     A couple weeks ago someone in the house, of course they won;t admit it, broke our shower head.  It wasn't a huge break, they broke off the know to change the water setting, but it was an irritating break.  It's especially irritating because every time the kids use the shower, they leave it on the massage setting and you have to change it back with no knob.  It's a small irritation, but one none the less.
     It's all really probably just as well because the hose and head had started leaking anyways.  So it needed replacing at some point.  Luckily, I only had to live with that frustration for a week.  That's when I had the chance to test out the Aqua Bliss Luxury Shower Head and I jumped on it.  It was perfect timing!
     The shower head came nicely packaged.  The metallic pieces were in mesh sleeves to keep them shiny, which they were.  They were super shiny.  And everything was there along with some pipe thread tape and really simple and easy to understand directions.
     I know that I've mentioned before how very much of a "Little Wifey" I am as far as car and home repairs.  I mean, I do hang curtains and I even made my own shoe bin, but plumbing is so not my department!  But when I heard from my husband that the new shower head would wait til tomorrow... I know what that meant.  It meant it will wait until I'm sick of waiting and have to do it myself.  So I did it myself.  And it was so easy!
     First, I unscrewed the previous head/mount.  Then I wiped it well and screwed the new one on with my hands.  After that, I uncapped the hose and attached one end to the mount and one to the new shower head.  Tada!  Done!  With no leaking at all!  I was really quite relieved that it was so simple because I was nervous that I would get it half done and have an irritated husband.
     I did notice that the water pressure wasn't as nice as with my previous head.  I think that might be because the head itself is bigger around.  So if you're going from a rather small head, you might see a drop in pressure with this new one, making the massage setting not quite so massage-y.
     But that was my only "complaint" about the whole thing.  It has five different water styles to choose from.  They are rain (which is your normal setting), soft, massage, rain soft, and rain massage.  The only one that I don't have a photo of is rain massage.
     I love the hose that came with it.  You'd think that being a metal hose, it would leak, kink, or maybe lack flexibility.  I found none of those to be true.  It was just as flexible if not more so than my old plastic hose.  It was very water tight and it moved very fluidly.  It's also quite long, much longer than the other one.  It might actually be too long now, I see my kids using it to spray people as they come in the bathroom door.  I see trouble ahead, but no matter...
Soft Rain
     I really like the new head and attachments.  I like that I can adjust whether it points more upward or downward, that's always important because I'm short and Broofy's tall.  I also love that the hose is a soft and pliable.  I love the multiple water settings, though I would enjoy them more if I had had better water pressure to begin with.  But overall, it's a really nice addition to our bathroom and I'm glad to have it.
     What's next on your home update list?
     To learn more, check out Aqua Bliss on Facebook, Amazon, and their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


Rachael Murphy said...

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