10 September, 2015

Happy International Literacy Day!

     I know, I know, I'm a couple days behind.  Who knew!?  Well, I didn't.  But that doesn't mean that literacy isn't important to me, it certainly is.  Reading and writing is a big part of every day life, from filling out job applications to writing school notes for your children, to voting, and even to signing up for sports.  It's really important to have a good understanding of the language that you speak.  And I really hate to say it, but it also can give people either a good first impression or a bad one.  Have you ever seen a Facebook post by someone who never uses punctuation and spells half of their words wrong?  It's not fair perhaps, but it does give the impression that they may not be very smart or reliable.  Of course this isn't always true, I know some people who are very reliable and wonderful, smart people who can't read or write well... but impressions are a powerful thing.
     So to celebrate a belated Literacy Day, I'm sharing this infographic with everyone.  Don't you just love a good infographic?  I do! 
Literacy Day
Infographic courtesy of https://www.grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker .
     Look at that!  Literacy on a global scale is improving, that's wonderful!  But we still have a long way to go.  So help your kids learn to read and write, donate books to the less fortunate, and most of all encourage those you know who are learning!  And sometimes a small donation to a wonderful literacy program makes a big difference too.  Check out these wonderful programs below to see what they do for the sake of reading and writing.

   And on a side note, congrats to Lindsey K. for being the winner of my StartWrite 6.0 Handwriting Worksheet Software Giveaway!  I hope you enjoy the program as much as we have been.  Happy Writing!


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