20 September, 2015

Absolute Fitness Belt #Review #AbsoluteFitnessBelt

     Because I am starting to try and get myself healthier, I am collecting fitness equipment.  I know that I had mentioned this a few days ago, but let me remind you.  I'm collecting exercise balls, resistant bands, jump ropes, and the like.  I think that collecting these things will give me less excuses when I want to sit back and skip a workout.
     A few days ago, I showed you a new waist pack of mine that holds my things while exercising.  The concept is a nice one.  So when I got the Absolute Fitness Belt in the mail, I knew pretty much what to expect.  I expected that it would hold the essentials that I needed it to hold.  I expected that it would possibly have reflective stripping or be stretchy.  I expected that it would possibly be easily hidden under clothes.  But what I didn't expect was that my husband would see it and get super excited, clutch it to his chest and refuse to let anyone else have it.  I gotta say, that one threw me.  What the heck would my gamer husband want with a new age "fanny pack"...?
     I had to make sure that he knew what he was looking at.  And surprisingly, he did!  As a garbage man, he is in and out of the truck a lot.  When he's listening to music on his phone, he has to either find a pocket or put it up every time he gets out of the truck.  He was so excited to see that belt because it's small and easily hidden, but will hold his phone and other things that he needs.  I never in a million years would have expected that kind of excitement from him over something like that.
     The first thing that I noticed when I unpackaged the fitness belt is how narrow it is.  I didn't understand how it could hold my phone and other things.  But because of the way it's designed, the belt is narrow until something is put in it, then it widens.  It's kinda like magic.
     I also noticed the buckle right off.   When I first took the belt out, it looked small enough to fit Boog.  It was.  And when I loosened the belt through the buckles, it looked big enough to fit me.  And it was, just barely.  So it has an enormous size range, but it likely won't really fit anyone over 40 inches or so.
     I thought that I would do something that maybe no one else really thought of doing with it, and that was putting it across my chest like a one strap book bag.  I debated posting the picture, wondering if people would think it was dumb... then I noticed that the package showed that very position right on the side as a way to wear it.  I quickly lost that feeling of being the clever risk-taker, trend-setter type and decided to just focus on the task at hand.
     So I recruited Boog for more modelling and checked out some more features that the fitness belt has.  By the way, he LOVES the belt, and I can actually see if being useful in that way.  But anyway...
     It does indeed have a reflective strip.  When running at dusk or dawn you can place it over your chest and be well seen, I like that a lot.  Secondly, it's waterproof inside.  This is where I feel pretty silly.  I saw the description of this belt and that it said it was water and sweat resistant, but I had no idea what that meant.  I thought to myself,  'This belt is made of fabric, clearly... how is that water resistant?'  Does it bead up and roll off the belt?'  I had no idea.  And now, I feel a little less than sharp.
     Obviously, it was referring to the inside where the items you are carrying go.  That's pretty cool, actually.  It's nice to know that he won't have to worry about his phone getting wet on bad-weather days.
     And the zipper area comes neatly closed with a waterproof type coating over it so that water won't come in through that area.  The only actual "improvement" that I would make on this pocket area is a small hole for earbud wires to go through.  But, I'm not sure how well that would work with it being waterproof and all.  I guess Broofy's gonna have to keep it unzipped a smidge.
     So our collective opinion on this belt is that it's pretty nice.  It's small unless space is needed.  Besides fitness, it's universal and can be used for many areas in life; from small children to grown men, from play to work.  It's nicely made and will keep things safe, it's super adjustable, and it's a handy little thing to have around.  The two men in the house are it's biggest fans, which was surprising.  It will definitely be used a lot, that's for sure.
    What do you carry your things in when you're on the go?
     To learn more, check out Absolute on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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