11 September, 2015

#iClever Turbo Wall Charger #Review

     In our house we have a lot of electronics.  Not because we are screen heads, but because we have a lot of people and each person has several electronics at their disposal.  The adults each have their own computer and cell phone, the kids each have their own tablet and the family has a couple gaming consoles, a few TVs, some DVD players and a camera among other things.  So we are always in need of chargers and cords, for both the van and the house.
     The iClever Turbo Wall Charger our the newest charger.  It's a cute little square box with a blue light that shows it's charging.  It's probably one of the cutest chargers that we have.  It also comes with a nice sleek cord to finish off the look.
     When we first got it, we hooked it up to Streaker's tablet, which was very critically low in power.  It charged her tablet pretty well while she played on it.  It worked pretty fast and was able to increase battery power even as she used the battery.  And for the next few days, she mostly stayed plugged in while it charged, periodically taking the tablet around the house, then back to the charger.  It seemed to work pretty well for her.
     After that we noticed that the cord was a bit off-kilter at the end, where it plugs into her tablet.  That didn't surprise me too much because that happens sometimes when the kids are the ones plugging things in.  They aren't super gentle.  And when I went to charge my phone, we also noticed that the cord wasn't working with the charger.  So we used a different cord and a different outlet just in case.  We left my phone plugged in all night with no real success.  So I tried leaving it plugged in all day on another cord with still no success.  I figured it was my phone.  It was so low on battery that when I plugged it in, it said that it couldn't program.  But it showed a green light on top of my phone, which usually means that it is charging.  It wasn't receiving enough to start up, though, and I figured my battery was kaput.  Finally, thinking my phone was junk, I tried one last attempt at plugging it into the computer and it charged right up.  That's when I knew that the charger had stopped working.  ***See update below***
     I know it worked when we got it, but I'm not really having much luck with it now.  I've tried it in many different outlets with several different cords.  I don't understand what could have caused it to stop working well, the blue light still comes on, so it's receiving power... It's possible that my kids somehow damaged it.  To be honest, it means that it's just not durable enough for my household.  For anyone without kids or as an adult-only charger, I'm sure this would be perfectly fine.  I mean, you can see from the photos that it WAS working, so it's likely just not kid friendly I guess.
     I always feel awful when I have to write about a product that didn't meet expectations because there is always that chance that I happened to get the dud in the bunch or that the cords that I used were all somehow defective.  So I will end with this, I fully think this would be fine in most normal every day situations, but I wouldn't buy it as a charger for a child.  And I will definitely update this review if it ends up working for me again.  When I finally remember to grab my phone from my husband's van, I'm sure it will be dead and I will try it one last time with yet another cord and if the results are different, I will post it here on this post.
     What's your most used electronic?
     To learn more, check out iClever on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website.

***Update:  Since writing this, I have tried it again and it worked perfectly.  It charged Streaker's tablet SO fast.  I'm thinking maybe it got water on it without me knowing and needed time to dry out...?  Or maybe it was a cord issue... not sure, but it works perfectly now.  Still not sure that I would recommend it for a kid's charger.  But there it is, it's now working and I'm super happy to have it back up and running :D ***

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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