30 September, 2015

#AdventureAtNature Sleeping Eye Mask Kit #Review

     I've never really been big on pampering.  I've never had a manicure, never had a pedicure, and have only had my hair done at a salon a handful of times.  I've never gotten a massage or a facial, never set foot inside a spa... do we even have spas in Maine?  I'm sure we do in Portland.  I kid, I'm sure we do all over.  Maybe.  Truth is, I think any of those things would only serve to make me feel uncomfortable.  If I'm anything, it's humble, it's one of my strongest personality traits.  The idea of someone serving me makes me feel bad.
     I don't tend to ever take my own needs too deeply into consideration.  So when I got this sleeping kit from Adventure At Nature recently, my first thought was to try it out and then give it away as a gift.  I thought, 'I can't just tune things out, my kids need me.  They need my attention.'  But then I thought, 'Why can't I?  I haven't slept more than a few good nights since having kids.  So why can't I tune out the world sometimes and take a night for myself?'  So that's what I did.
     Although, I will say right off the bat that the ear plugs didn't really fit so well, so I guess I only half took the night.  Perhaps this is the way that they are supposed to fit.  I had to squeeze and manipulate like crazy to get them in like that and all it would have taken was a turn of my head on the pillow to get them loose.  I don't blame Adventure At Nature for that, or the ear plugs.  I have super small ears, and most ear plugs or ear buds don't fit well.
     Now that that is over... The kit came with not just the ear plugs and their really cute plastic case, but also with a sleeping mask and drawstring bag to keep it in.  That kind of makes it perfect for travel, you can keep it right in your pocket!
     The mask itself is so comfortable, and I know this sounds strange, but I actually put it on sometimes during the day to take a time out from all the visual clutter.  It's such a gentle presence on your face, that it's quite comforting actually.  I just can;t rave enough about this mask on that basis.  I adore it and will be using it pretty much every night from here until who knows when.
     Now, here's where me and the item description disagree on some things.  Though they may be factually true in some ways, I think on general principle, it's inaccurate.  Here's what I mean:  First it says that it blocks out 100% of light.  While the mask may block out 100% of light from seeping in through the material, there is light of course that can and will shine through gaps in the mask, specifically at the bottom where the nose is.  Unless you're looking down it's not an issue.  Secondly, it says that the adjustable strap accommodates all men, women, and children.  While it may technically fit all men, women, and children, there were times when I had wished it would tighten further.  My head is obviously larger than a child's, so although it may fit, it could use a longer Velcro area.
     Regardless of the description and my take on that, I do absolutely love the mask and am so happy to have this little pampering piece that allows me to escape the world and wind down.  I do recommend the kit for anyone who always puts themselves last, you deserve it.  I also recommend it, period.  To anyone.  Because we all need to escape sometimes.
     What do you do to wind down?
     To learn more, check out Adventure At Nature on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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