04 September, 2015

#GreenGobblerSnake Hair Clog Remover #Review

     You know how every house has one problem that just keeps coming back?  Some homes seem to have never-ending furnace problems, some have ants or sand fleas that can never be exterminated, some have lawn flooding and some have pests in the yard.  Well, we have plumbing issues.  Our home was built on a slab, so plumbing isn't easily gotten to to fix it.  When there is a clog, it needs to be snaked, we can never just remove the piece of pipe and clean it, then put it back on.  We've had out share of overflowing from water pipes in the furnace room.  We don't have that overflow thing in a basement, so the water flows onto our laminate floors.  It's safe to say that our laminate floors are toast at this point.
     The bathroom sink is one that tends to get clogged easily.  It never drains properly and doesn't plug well.  I almost replaced it last year, but didn't get that far.  Until that day comes , I'm gonna need a reliable sink.  So when I saw the Green Gobbler Hair Clog Remover, I was excited to try it out.   It comes in a package of four with printed instructions.  It's essentially a long plastic flexible stick that has backward facing barbs on the sides of it. When inserted into the drain, the barbs grab any hair stuck in the pipe and pulls it back up.
     So first you remove the plug to the drain, if you can.  Then, you insert the stick as far as you can down the pipe.  After that, you move it up and down a few times to make sure that any hair catches on the barbs.  When you remove the snake again, there should be hair from the pipes that comes up with it.  Here's how it worked for me: 
     When I tried it in my bathroom sink, it worked like a charm.  Look at what came up!  And that was without being able to take the plug out!  Yikes, what a mess!  The barbs caught a little bit coming back out, it likely wouldn't have if I could have done it without the plug.  But despite that, it did an awesome job.  The drain works so much better now, almost like it's new.
     I think the Green Gobbler Hair Clog Remover definitely does the job that it's supposed to.  It was very easy to use and it was a pretty rugged little contraption for all the yanking that I did on it when it got stuck.  My only suggestion would be to make it slightly longer.  I know that my shower drain has some clogging issues, but I wasn't able to reach it with this snake.
      Please excuse my gross drain.  It's blue because I recently cleaned it with dawn vinegar.  The grim is just because, well... you know, what's under the grate doesn't matter until it does... like when you're taking a picture of it.  I also tried it very briefly in the kitchen sink.  For thirty seconds of effort, I got this creature:
     I apologize for the gross pictures, I really do.  But how cool is that!?  No longer do you have to use plungers in your sinks or take the pipes apart, this thing WORKS.  It REALLY works!  I'm pretty excited about that.  Not about the hair in my kitchen sink, that's gross.  And probably the fault of my long haired cat sneaking drinks at night.  Seriously, ewww.  Glad it's not in my sink anymore.  I'm afraid what I will find when I get back to it and do the other side.
     So my feelings about this are pretty obvious.  It's simple, it;s cute, it WORKS.  Two thumbs up from us!
     To learn more, check out Green Gobbler on Facebook and EcoClean Solutions on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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