03 September, 2015

Majestical #Jewelry #Review

      I'd consider myself a pretty "Plain Jane" type person.  I do dye my hair sometimes in funky colors.  I'll have purple and black hair as soon as I find what I did with the purple dye, but that's fairly mainstream nowadays.  That's about the extent of my eccentricity.  I think my plain appearance stems from me not wanting to stand out in any way.  I'm pretty shy and I like people to just not see me sometimes because if I'm not chipper enough, I can tend to just stand there feeling silently awkward, so I stay to myself a lot.  Then sometimes I get bored with my plainness and I wonder why no one does see me... aren't I confusing?  It's times like that when I bring out what color I do own.
     One of those pieces is the Coral Bead Stunner Necklace and earring set from Majestical Jewelry. The necklace a bit of a statement necklace and it's one of the most vivid and bold necklaces that I own.  I love it for that very reason.  But the reason that I mostly love it is that it really goes with almost anything.  This is great for me because I'm not really too fashion savvy.
The necklace is about 28 inches long with a 3" extender.  You can wear it shorter or longer.  I'm a pretty petite person, so I tend to wear it more on the shorter end.  As you can see in the photo, the metal is gold in color and the faceted beads are an orange color.  I did a web search to check into what color "coral" was.  Although I knew, I needed something to show just what shade of coral this particular necklace is, at least the one that I got.  So here is the closest that I could find:
     It might look slightly different in my photos due to surroundings, outfit color or post-processing of the photo itself.  The color really is very beautiful.  I think it goes with shirts in the same color family and also shirts in completely different color families, like the tealish blue that are in the two shirts I am wearing in the photos.
      I love the shape of the beads, how they are faceted and interesting, they aren't just round and boring beads.  I say "beads", they aren't stringed that I can tell, they seem to be glued to the metal and they have flat backs that show through to the back of the necklace.  The necklace is very high quality and very comfortable as well.  And the earrings did not bother my ears, despite my ears being very sensitive to metals.  The earrings are a bit big for my taste, but surprisingly I like them anyway.
     Overall, I think that this is a really nice set to have for when I'm feeling outgoing and I want to bust out of my shell a little bit.  I'm glad that I have it.
     What's your go-to accessory color?
     To learn more, visit Majestical Jewelry on Facebook, Twitter, or their website. 

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


JSColdwell said...

How pretty! My go-to color is teal! It's pretty and easy to mix and match!

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