24 September, 2015

AquaBliss Luxury Bidet #Review #BlissfullyClean

     I've got a pretty big family, so we go through a lot of things on a weekly basis.  We go through dishes, laundry, paper, dish soap... we go through just crazy amounts of things.  One of my bigger struggles is towel.  It seems like I just fill the cabinet with 20 towels and two days later they are gone.  How do you even go through 20 towels!?  My kids like to use them on any little spill they can find, big whole bath towels on tiny spills.  Drives me nuts.  I tell them to grab towels from the dirty laundry, but I guess the fun of seeing me get bent out of shape is worth getting lectured.  I refuse to keep paper towels on hand, it's not something that our house would benefit from and my kids would empty entire rolls in less than a day.
     Another one of my bigger struggles is toilet paper.  Between Boogie throwing whole rolls in the toilet and kids knocking them onto the floor to get unrolled and dirty, and of course the normal every day usage, we go through too much.  It's ridiculous.  And to be perfectly frank, it's especially ridiculous considering how often I go in to find a used toilet with no toilet paper in it *shudder*
     A bidet is actually a really great solution.  Kids are excited to use it and you really don't need much, if any, toilet paper when yo use one.  I recently installed an AquaBliss bidet onto our toilet.  I had no idea what to expect.  All I knew was that luxury toilets come with bidets and it helps keep you "fresh".  So I was really interested in seeing exactly what it was like and how clean it gets you.
     The bidet is an under the-seat-style attachment and was so easy t install.  The hardest part of it all was figuring out how to remove the seat.  No joke, those things aren't like the ones they had 20 years ago.  First, I took the seat off and placed the bidet on top of the toilet so that the holes lines up, then replaced the seat.  After that, please excuse my dirty nozzles, I detached the water hose and attached the T-connector piece to the bottom of the tank.  The water hose came off hard, but I didn't need any tools, it is all hand work.  And you'll notice that my water hose is a bit rusty at the top, that's because the water hose that came with the bidet was a touch short for my particular water set-up.  But the kid does come with a new hose, that's pretty awesome.
     Next, it was time to attach the small water hose to both the T-connector and the bidet.  It was a little tough to get on, but a little muscle work was enough to do the job.  I just slipped it on, then screwed the little screwy thinger back on.  Anyone know what that's actually called?  I'd check my instructions, but I threw them away like an Idiot.  Anyways, there was no leaking at all.
     I was a little nervous about trying it, but it actually isn't bad.  Despite the water coming out of it being cold, it didn't send chills down my spine or anything, it didn't bother me at all.  And what I found was very surprising is that after "doing business" and using the high pressure setting, there was practically nothing on the toilet paper.  Like nothing.  I think there was a dot, a small dot.
     Can you imagine?  I never would have thought!  It's got two different settings, regular and women cleaning.  Regular is for the butt area after a normal #2 visit.  The women cleaning is angled more forward and can be used after peeing or to stay fresh during menstrual cycles.  It also has five different pressure settings, high pressure isn't bad, it doesn't hurt or anything.  Low pressure is great for the kids.
     To be honest, I'm a little worried about the kids using it because it shoots water several feet into the air, but luckily for us, at least the women setting goes straight into the shower.  The regular setting mostly gets into the shower.  But be warned, it WILL shoot out of the toilet and all over the bathroom if you aren't on the seat.  I suppose it could help remind you to clean up the bathroom every once in a while.
     Luckily though, you won't have to clean the bidet too often because it comes with it's own nozzle cleaning feature.  Pretty neat!  Have you ever tried a bidet?  What do you think?
     To learn more, check out Aqua Bliss on Facebook, Amazon, and their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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