13 November, 2015

Folding Headphones with Detachable Wire #Review #SIHD30PE

     I came across the most incredible deal today.  Smartphones for $10.  TEN BUCKS!!!  I thought I'd have to try to come up with about $150 just to get my kids the cheap ones at Walmart, but when I went tonight, they had the Tracfone LG Lucky smartphones with Android 4.4 for $9.82.  They only had four, so I'll have to go back to get one more for Boog.  I figure that they will work perfectly for a mini tablet.  Of course they won;t have phone plans, it'll just be for apps, so it's perfect, I was so thrilled.  And I almost didn't make it because my van broke down on my way into town.  It was fate.
     I think Punk will be the most excited to get the phone.  She loves to play apps like Talking Tom and Angry Birds.  And you know what will go awesome with her new phone?  New headphones so that the rest of us don't have to hear all the noise.  I know, I know... I WAS going to give her the other pair that I showed you a few weeks back, but I changed my mind.  Those will go to Streaker, she just doesn't know it yet.
     These folding headphones with detachable wire from Sound Intone are her favorite colors.  They are so vivid and pretty, I just have to give these to her.  Black and Purple are her favorite colors of the moment, though she claims to adore all colors pretty equally, a girl after my own heart.  These headphones are awesome for so many reasons, so let me tell you about them.
     First of all, look at that fold!  They will fit in most of her coat pockets, back pack pockets, hand bags, pretty much anywhere that she would want them to go.  Punk happens to be a bit of a crazy bag lady.  Or box lady really, she's always bagging and boxing things to take with her.  The way this folds will allow her to bring it along every time.
     Secondly, and this is my favorite part, the wore is detachable.  No need to worry about how you should wrap the wire around the headphones and if you're damaging the wire by doing so.  Just detach it and fold it up separately.  I love that!
     Thirdly, they're kind of noise cancelling.  Not like you could wear them into a demo derby or anything, but when you put them on and turn on the sound, it's super easy to be transported to your own world and leave this one behind for a while.  To be honest, and please don't think too poorly for me saying this... but those first few weeks after Christmas when all the kids have their heads buried in their phones and the headphones are on, that's going to be just the break in routine that I need.  No bickering, no complaining about so-and-so's loud music, no complaining because they can't hear their own music... Oh man, I'm counting the days!  The peace I will have for that novelty period.  I can't wait.
     Okay, next: it has a built in mic, which Punk will love.  I guarantee that she fills her phone with song recordings the first week she has it.  It allows you to answer or end a phone call and also allows you to play or stop a song.  This will come in handy because I'm going to add some favorite songs of each of the kids to their phones so that they can use it like an MP3 player.  She will love this feature.
     As far as the comfort of them, I was a bit on the fence.  The head band is padded and the ear parts are REALLY padded.  I personally felt like after a couple hours these got a bit uncomfortable on the ears.  I can be overly sensitive to that kind of thing, so it may just be me.  Boog didn't seem to mind these at all.
     So I would definitely recommend these, they work great and the sound is terrific, the portability and the cool look it has, they're just great all around.  What would be your favorite feature?
     To learn more, check out Sound Intone on Facebook, Amazon, and on their website at Soundintone.com  
  Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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