26 November, 2015

All-terrain Sport Cane by Sabi #Review

     A couple years ago, I found myself in a situation that I'd never been in before.  Even when I fractured my leg, I didn't find myself there... crutches.  And it was so stupid.  I don't remember what shoes I was wearing, but there was this small dip in the ground just at the bottom of our porch steps and when I stepped down, my ankle rolled SO fast.  There was a sharp, shooting, agonizing pain followed by a pretty considerable pain afterwards.  At first I stumbled along, then I grabbed crutches.  after x-rays and getting back home, the pain spiked.  Every bump on the bad as I laid down to rest felt like someone took a hammer to my ankle.  And all it was was a sprain.  I'd almost sooner give birth than to go through that again.
     But to be honest, I think what really pushed it over the edge was the crutches.  Oh my goodness, the pain under my arm and on the palms of my hand... it was the worst.  How do kids do that for 6 weeks straight when they break their leg?  Seriously, how?  Next time I need a little help getting around, I think I'll go with the more 'mature' version... the cane.  And as far as canes go, this sport all-terrain cane by Sabi is a pretty nice choice.

     What's cool about this cane is the awesome rubber dipped handle.  It's really comfortable and gives the cane a pretty cool look.  What's also great is that the rubber is anti-mold and easy to clean.  It gives a really nice grip to keep the hand from slipping.

     The cane itself is made from one piece of super strong and lightweight aluminum.  It isn't adjustable, you need to order the size that fits you best.  I chose small because we're all pretty short in my family.  The cane is finished with a powder coat in a beautiful color.  this particular color is "plum" which has been discontinued but is close to the color they now sell called "purple rain".

     The tip of the cane is shock absorbent and non-slip.  It's also made to pivot easily on the floor surface so that you can move around easier.  I think it's very well made, from handle to tip and would work well for anyone who needs a little help getting around.
     I definitely recommend this cane if you're in the marker for one.
     To learn more, check out Sabi on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Youtube, Amazon, their blog, or on their website at Sabi.com.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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