04 November, 2015

#PhysixGearKinesiology Tape and Loop Resistance Bands #Review

     I am so out of shape that it's ridiculous.  I know this because walking up a small hill seems impossible and walking down is sometimes almost just as hard.  I couldn't do a real push up to save my life, and getting out of bed isn't as easy as it used to be.  That will definitely change in February when I get my treadmill.  I won't put it off this year, I WILL buy it and I WILL use it.  I will get into shape.
     One thing I know will deter me in some form is shin splints.  I know I will get them.  I get them if I walk around town too much, I can feel them start when I walk up that horrendous hill at summer camp each year.  I get them often when I try to be active.  Luckily I have this cool Kinesiology Tape from Physix Gear.  It's a cool cotton tape that is meant to replicate human skin to help support you when you are suffering from sports injuries or pain.  It even works for carpal tunnel!
      The way it works is pretty awesome, actually.  The tape, when applied correctly, lifts the skin slightly.  It lifts it just enough to allow better circulation and to alleviate pain by taking pressure off nerve pain receptors.  Because blood circulation is improved, not only can the toxins leave the area faster, but oxygenated blood enters faster, speeding the healing time up.
     The tape can also be used to aide joints by helping muscles contract and supporting the joints as you move.  Not only that, but it also will be there to remind you visually to take it easy.  It can be easy to forget when you're feeling okay in the moment.
     With the tape also came three different strength loop bands and two ebooks to help you use your new things.  These are a really low impact way to improve strength and keep active despite limitations.  They came in Light, Medium, and Heavy resistance.  I've used these to start a workout regimen.  I've been so out of shape for so long that I think working muscles with these bands is a great way to ease back into a healthier lifestyle.  I can do it while I'm working at my desk by either exercising my legs or taking a typing break and exercising my arms every once in a while.
     They are so portable.  I had one in my pants pocket once and it was so small that I forgot that it was there.  It's also super versatile.  Use it for upper body, lower body, doesn't matter!  No matter your fitness level or age, even kids can use it!
     I am so grateful to have this tape and these bands.  I get carpal tunnel and shin splints a lot!  What would you use this tape for?
     To learn more, check out Physix Gear on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Amazon, as well as on their website at PhysixGear.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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