03 November, 2015

#ShivaFit Stretch Straps #Review

     There's only a few things that make me irritable instantly.  Like when my husband stuck his finger in my mouth mid yawn and ruined it... yeah, that irked me.  A lot.  Tickling me or giving me chills on purpose might get you hurt.  And along the same lines of the yawn thing, interrupting a good stretch will really irritate me.  Just let me stretch.  And I'm not easily bothered either.  It takes a lot under normal circumstances to get under my skin, but those things will do it every time.
     Why?  Because stretching is natural, it feels good, it's refreshing and invigorating.  Animals do it, babies en utero do it, it's an urge you can't control.  Your body knows to do it from before you are even born.  And what's a yawn, but a stretch for the jaw? 
I think your body knows to stretch because it knows the benefits of stretching.  It increases blood flow, helps alleviate morning pain and stiffness, and can help your body to prepare you for all-day focus.

     With all the benefits of stretching, it's no wonder that athletes stretch before and after workouts or sporting events.  You often see track athletes helping each other stretch because sometimes there are muscles that are just hard to get to.  But I'm personally not that sociable, I'd rather do the stretches myself.  So we're trying out the Shiva Fit stretch strap.  It's a long belt like strap with lots of semi-elastic loops so that it's adjustable to whatever area of the body that you need it.
     This particular one is black and green (boy, it seems like all my health and fitness items are green).  It used letters on each side to let you know which loop you are on in case you want to track progress or remember which setting you need for a certain stretch.
     I love that it helps you really stretch areas that don't normally get good stretching.  For instance, the calves or the back of the arms, maybe the thighs.  When was the last time that the front of your thigh got a good stretch?  Maybe never?  This strap helps you do that.
     It's also a pretty portable little tool, rolling up into a disc shape bundle that can be tossed into almost any pocket in a gym bag or back pack.  I think if you're looking for a way to better stretch without having to buddy up, this is the way to go.  Do you make it a point to stretch regularly?
     To learn more, check out ShivaFit on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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