04 November, 2015

Smart Weigh Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale #Review #choosethesmartweigh

       Every now and again I like to do a culture swap with my kids.  We collect cool information, treats, and knick knacks representing our state and we swap it with 4 or so other people from different states and see what their home state is like.  We've gotten some pretty awesome things over the past year or so.  From educational and homemade craft kits to flower seeds, home made candies and recipes to key chains and post cards.  It's awesome.
     Doing these swaps, I have learned some things about the postal system and what I've learned is that I really need a scale at home.  Packages always weigh more or less than I think.  Sometimes I end up paying $9 a package when I could have saved $3 by going flat rate.  Sometimes I pay flat rate to find out that I totally could have saved by doing something different.
     I finally have one now.  It's the Smart Weigh Shipping and Postal Scale.  It's exactly what I need.  It comes with an attached digital read out device and a big metal platform to set the objects on to be weighed.
     The scale has some pretty cool features.  First of all, it has a feature called tare.  It weighs your object while taking into account the weight of the box or container.  So, say you are filling a container with 12 oz. of plastic beads... you place the container onto the scale and press the tare button.  Wait until the scale reads 0.0, then weigh out your 12 oz. of beads, easy peasy, that way the container doesn't count towards that 12 oz.
     It also has a PCS feature, which allows you to count pieces.  So say that you want to send 100 dice, but you don't necessarily want to count them out (who would?)  You can place 25 dice on the scale, press and hold the PCS button, use the mode button to find 25, then press PCS again.  Now you can add dice until it reaches 100.  Ta Da!!!!  100 dice, ready to go!
     It also has four different weight units to choose from when weighing things.  You can measure in kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces, or just pounds.  To switch between different unit types, just use the mode button.  I found this scale to be helpful and accurate and would recommend it to anyone with a business or who sends a lot of packages.
     How often do you use the postal system for packages?
     To learn more, check out Smart Weigh on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on their website at smartweighscales.com
  Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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