17 November, 2015

#ShockShutter Tamper Resistant Outlet Cover #Review

     Did you know that about 2,400 children each year are injured by sticking things in the outlet?  I know that at least one of my kids have done it.  She was about two years old at the time and we had just gotten our new apartment.  We're settling in and enjoying our time together and the next thing you know, she's crying.  Turns out she had shoved a car key into the outlet.  The outlet was charred and her finger was burned.  Luckily, it didn't require any hospital treatment and she only received a white mark on her finger.  But it was super scary!
     Until that time, we didn't really think our kids would actually shove things into the outlets.  After that we got tons of those small plugs.  She was a pretty resourceful kid though, she was always pulling them out, ripping down baby gates, breaking cabinet door locks.  Nothing would keep her from doing what she wanted.  She's 11 now, and still just as willful.  But now we have a solution that will work better for the younger kids than it did her.  In fact, it might even work for her!
     It's called the Shock Shutter.  It's an outlet cover.  It works because it has two sets of guards that block things from getting through unless both guards are pressed at the same time.  The guards are made in such a way that a plug pressed into the outlet will hit a slanted surface and force the plastic piece for contract and push over sideways, allowing the plug to get through.
     It's deeper than your regular covers.  It looks really nice and seems durable.  The screw that comes with it wasn't long enough to work for a lot of my outlets, it will work best on receptacles that are flush with the wall without being recessed.
     To install it, you just remove the old cover and screw in this one, so easy!  Now, here's where I'm gonna be honest.  I thought I'd received a broken product.  I couldn't get the plug to go in at all.  I pushed and pushed, I thought I'd break it.  So I took it apart and checked if there was something amiss.  I tried turning the guards over and it sort of worked.  I turned them back around to it's original configuration and eventually did get the plug in, it just took a LOT of pushing, I really thought it was going to break.  Like really thought it would.
     But it didn't, it certainly works, that's for sure!  So if you want to baby-proof your home without compromising the look of the room, this is a good choice.  To learn more, check out Shock Shutter on Facebook, Twitter, and on Indiegogo.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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