05 November, 2015

Intone IP950 Mobile Headphones with Mic #Review #IP950black

     Peace.  Quiet.  Calmness.  Those rare moments when I can breathe and remember that life can be more than just stress and not being listened to.  You know how I get that peace?  It usually just takes one kid being gone.  Usually either The Big One or Streaker, but really when any one kid is gone, the whole dynamics of the house will change.  There is stillness and less fighting.  When just one kid is gone, there is usually no bickering until they get back.
     We don't have that situation very often.  So here's the next best thing... head phones.  I know, I know, that means electronics.  Well, you know what?  Kids are going to get electronics sometimes anyway, might as well make it so the rest of us aren't annoyed by it.  The kids' noises won't be upsetting other kids who are doing things.  Streaker's keyboard won't upset Punk's concentration when she's playing scrabble for example.  Or The Big One's music video won't upset Boogie's Leap Frog Show.  It's a pretty darn good solution, I think!  Less bickering, more sanity!  So this year each of my kids are getting headphones for Christmas, they're almost a gift to myself, really.
     These particular headphones, the Intone Ip950 Mobile Headphones with Mic, are for Boog.  He'll use them to watch Netflix and Youtube on my cell phone.  He'll sometimes nap late and watch TV on my phone while Broofy tries to sleep.  We all share a bed, so it's distracting for him.  So headphones are the perfect accessory to keep both of them happy.
     What's cool is that these phones fold up pretty small.  I can hold them in one hand and fit them in almost any of the pockets in my baby bag.  This way, he can have them wherever he goes.  They will plug into our VTech Smile so he can play games in the van while I listen to my radio station.  He can also use it in The Big One's MP3 player and listen to only the songs he likes with no listening through commercials.  He's going to love these!
     So let's talk about the features.  First of all, as you saw, it's foldable.  Secondly, the cord is braided.  I LOVE braided cords, they make me feel like they're more durable and will last, even in my house.  Thirdly, it has a microphone.  So that cool voice search feature on Netflix that Boog loves to play with will pick up his voice just fine.  The button on the mic will also play and stop a song or answer and end calls.  I don't think he'll need that feature so much because he won;t be making calls and he won;t pause his songs for anything.  But they are there for when other people borrow them.
     Also these phones are really squishy.  Not just the ear part, but also the head band part as well.  They are also adjustable so that they will fit adults and children.  The sound is really nice and rich, not scratchy or twangy.  I definitely see lots of use in it's future and I recommend them for anyone who could use a little peace.
     What would you use these for?  To learn more, check out Sound Intone on Facebook, Amazon, and on their website at Soundintone.com  

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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