12 November, 2015

Digital Cooking Thermometer from #OnlineGadgetz #Review

    My kids are learning to cook.  Not all of them, but anyone over the age of 7 is at least dabbling in it.  Punk is just now using the stove without me lingering over her shoulder and The Big One is quite the veteran having made us tacos and steak and the like.
     So there The Punk is at the stove cooking up some pork steak... by the way, she's super patient when it comes to cooking.  It's going low and slow and juicy.  Mine is always fast and sizzling.  Anyways, she's there cooking and she asks me, "Mama... when is pork done?"
     "Uhhhh....... "
     See, she was using my new digital cooking thermometer from Online Gadgets and wanted the meat to be just right.  When she does things, she does them right.  I'm a little impressed by her patience and dedication, actually.  Like this morning, when she cooked sausage and eggs, she used the thermometer to be sure it was well cooked, and never turned the burner up to get it done faster.
     I think this thermometer is a great instrument for her to learn cooking.  She can use it to be able to tell what the meat should look like when it's fully done.  So she cooked the pork steak and she used the handy little temperature chart that came with it as a guide.  Turns out that 160 is the go to temperature for pork.  It came out super juicy and done.
     What's cool about this thermometer, besides being accurate and handy, is the cover that comes with it.  The cover not only protects the user form the sharp tip and the tip from damage, but also has a clip on it like the cover of a pen does.  So you can hook it onto your apron or wherever is convenient.
     I definitely recommend this thermometer if you're in need of one, it's a pretty nice choice.  Do you use a thermometer when you cook?  To learn more, check out OG on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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