11 November, 2015

The Little Doll Girl eBook #Review #Kidsebook

     I ADORE a good fantasy story.  I mostly love the Wizard of Oz series, the Alice in Wonderland books, DragonLance, pretty much any lighthearted book that isn't too hard to follow and brings you through magical lands with brave outsiders, while they attempt to get back home and undo wrongs.  If you love those kinds of books, you will love this one!
     It's called The Wutherington Diary: The Little Doll Girl by Tammy Wutherington, Transcribed by Reynold Jay.  It's about a girl Tammy, who is "mute".  She can whisper, but not talk.  She spends her days sewing clothes and making toy soldiers out of wood.  When one day, she makes friends with a mouse named Alfred who is in her workshop, she decides to follow him and see where he is from.  Her new friend can talk and they become fast friends.  Together they travel to the land of Kira.
     On the way they make friends with pirates and other creatures, great and small.  All things in the land of Kira can talk.  When Tammy and Alfred help out a band of pirates and earn their trust, they share with her a prophecy they believe that she was meant to fulfill.  The rest of the book is about her finding out what it means to be the hope of the people, to make decisions for the good of all and to be brave when no one else wants to be.
     She finds out that some who are feared are merely just different and some who are "evil" or just hurt and afraid to be strong.  She finds friends where no one else does, brings communities together that have long been separated by misunderstandings, and brings confidence to all who meet her.  She is a true hero in every sense of the word.

     I'm not sure what to make of the preface, whether it is just a story to go with it or if this really is a "diary" of a 10 year old girl from long ago.  But I must admit, whether true or not, the introduction to the story left me intrigued and wanting to read the book before I even knew how awesome it was!  If that preface was indeed a factual account of how the book was found and this book really was written by a 10 year old from the 19th century, I am SUPER impressed.  The story truly does rival that of Frank L Baum.
     While I admit that sometimes the characters received some undeserved attitude from Tammy and I was left feeling like things sometimes went over way to well for her, when there should have been some offense taken on the part of the characters... it was a great story and I would LOVE to see a movie made of this.  Though, no movie could ever compare to the visions in my head when reading the words of this book.  I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy story.  I adore this book!
     To learn more, check out Reynold Jay on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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