27 November, 2015

Plush Christmas and Holiday Items #Review #ZUBELS

     Last year for Christmas Eve, we went to my husband's father's house.  we don't find ourselves in that area very often when they are home, so to be able to visit was nice.  We talked and exchanged gifts.  The girls got to see their cousin Wy, that they don't see very often.  They played together and it was good.  One of the gifts that each of the kids got was a home made stuffy.  The girls all got pillows made of yarn that resembled different animals.  There was a lion, a pig, and two cows, all stuffed with stuffing.  They were so cute.  And Boog got a cute little blue monkey that was also homemade.  It was adorable.  We just love that homemade feel.
     That's why I love the new holiday plush toys that we got for this Christmas.  They are from Zubels.  Zubels is a company that sells hand-knit animals, dolls, hats, sweaters, and more using a super soft organic 100% cotton yarn.  It was actually the first thing that stood out to me as I admired them.  The yarn is fantastic!
     They are also hand stuffed, which explains why they are so cuddly.  They aren't overstuffed, they aren't understuffed, they are absolutely perfect!  And when you combine it with the soft yarn, these plush toys are just fantastic.  Perfect for kids of lots of ages.
     I ended up getting the toy soldier and the reindeer, both 12 inches, and a 'Lil Dimples Santa that is 4 inches.  I just love the soldier.  I love his buckles and his shoulders, his hat, and his mustache.  He's just adorable... in a manly, soldier type way.

     The details are pretty great.  They really go all out to add texture and small things that you can really appreciate.  Just look at those little buttons on his buckles.  Look at his white straps!  His belt even has a white buckle area.  These stuffies are amazing!

     The Santa that I got was much smaller than the bigger ones.  He was perfect for hanging off the outside of a stocking or putting into the stocking.  He's a cute little guy that has a lot of details of his own.  I mean, do you see that little golden buckle on his belt?  And his beard can be lifted up and played with.  His jacket has a little flap that can be lifted too.
     And look at that nose and his mustache.  Awww!  These are made so well and with so much love.  And they have gifts for kids with every interest.  From cars and sports to tea time and mermaids.  Boog likes foxes, so I looked and found foxes.  A cute hat and a stuffie to match!

     What would you look for?
     To learn more, check out Zubels on their website at Zubels.com.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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