07 November, 2015

Camo PrintTote and Diaper Bag #Review #coolcamobag

     As a family with a lot of kids, we've gone through our share of baby bags.  We've had cutesy character ones, classy ones, backpack style, purse style... really, it was just a purse, and even a handmade one (Thanks, Hil!).  But you know what we've never had?  A Dad Bag.  A bag my husband can use.  Now granted, my husband has changed a whole 10 diapers in as many years, and he doesn't often have the kids without also having me around... but if he did, he sure as heck wouldn't want to tote around a purse!
     But I can see him maybe carrying this around.  It's a camo tote bag, also can be used as a man's baby bag.   It has one large main pocket like a tote bag.  It's inside is a peachy tan and the material is the kind that turns white when creased.  I actually was a bit worried it might crack, but it's held strong for weeks.  I love it's durability!
     It also has a small, hanging, zippered pocket inside the main area.  It's great for things like binkies, teethers, or small play things.
     The back of the bag has a wide pocket with a Velcro closure in the middle.  I find this pocket perfect for a changing pad, but there's lots of possibilities for it.
     The handles are sturdy and comfortable.  The outside is water-resistant material, so things inside are going to stay dry.  Unless you drop it fully into a lake and submerge it.  Please don't do that and expect it all to stay dry.  That's silly.  But your normal walk-to-the-car-in-the-rain stuff, it'll handle that.  Overall, I think this bag is excellent.  I've been using it every day for my older kids' stuff, it fits everything.  Things like their water bottles and their hats and stuff.  I would recommend it for sure.
     Are you a camo print fan?  To learn more, check out Bayfield on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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