24 November, 2015

Awww, Man!

     So, I knew I'd be bad at this whole daily-ish diary thing.  I'm not even surprised that I went like a year between posts.  Here's a little update for you:

     I did home school.  I was terrible at it, but I tried.  The Big One was doing AMAZING things in math.  She passed her end-of-the-year exam with flying colors.  She's back in school now and isn't doing awesome, but isn't "failing" per se.  She's doing... poorly.  She just needs to focus and remember to bring in her homework.  Poor girl, I feel for her.  She's exactly like me that way.
     Punk found a sport she liked, just not well enough to play in an actual game, only for practice.  That game is softball.  She won't be playing this year though.  This year's players were The Big One and Streaker.  Streaker played soccer and wants now to play basketball.  The Big One played soccer as well and did TERRIFIC, seriously all season long it was like she was a new kid.  She also wants to play basketball.  Unfortunately for them, my van broke down.  Remember how I mentioned that every winter it breaks down just in time to mess up plans?  Yeah... that's cause it does :(
     Baby Bee graduated to Kindergarten and is doing okay.  For a while I was picking her up every day for lunch and recess because she would come home and the smallest thing would send her into crying fits that would last hours.  So I tried to help her break up her day some so it wasn't so hard on her emotionally.  It worked, but alas... my van.
     Streaker seems to be falling through the cracks a bit, a little middle child syndrome, so I'm gonna work on that.  In school she is exceptional, as always.  At home, she is a she-devil... as always.  I'll be trying to spend some extra time with her.
      And Boog, oh my goodness!  His reading level is almost the same level as Baby Bee.  He knows all his letters, can spell a word or two and knows most of his numbers up to 20.  He knows just about every nursery rhyme known to man and LOVES foxes.  And he's great at art too.  He draws faces, itsy bitsy spiders, dinosaurs with bumpy backs, foxes, and hearts.  He's 2 and he's amazing.
     Okay, well there's an update.  It's 1:04 am, so I'm gonna bring the boy to bed and join you tomorrow :)  Nite!


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