18 November, 2015

Silicone Baby Bibs for Feeding #Review #BabyGoGreenBib

     I couldn't even begin to guess how many bibs I have owned through the course of all five kids.  I know it's got to be at least one hundred.  Each kid was given some at their baby shower and sometimes at Christmas and we definitely got some for hand-me-downs in various bags of clothes.  We've had TONS.  The back of our high chair used to be crammed full of bibs hanging from the bib bar.  It was ridiculous.  Guess how many times I've used one.
     Yup, I can probably count on one hand how many times I have used a bib on my kids.  Why?  I didn't see the point.  The food that fell just dribbled down the bib, staining it in the process, and did nothing to protect the clothes.  It would be crunched up between little arms, getting sleeves dirty and getting in the way.  It always got my hands messy if the baby moved.  I never cared for bibs.
     After the majority of my kids were too old for bibs, there started to be a pocket bib movement, bibs that were made with a pocket to catch the food.  why these never existed earlier I will never understand.  But luckily they exist now.  One such example is the awesome silicone baby bibs from Baby Go-Green.
     The coolest thing about these bibs are that they catch the food that falls.  No more messy laps or stained pants.  The second coolest thing is definitely the silicone material.  It won't soak through, it won't scrunch up under the baby's arms.  In fact, it's a rather large bib, so I'm not sure that the baby could even get their arms over it anyway.  It can be wiped clean, sprayed clean in the sink or can probably even be put in the dishwasher like most food grade silicone objects.
     The neck of it is adjustable to the child and super easy to fasten.  You basically just line up the button to the hole and push it through.  I was surprised because it doesn't look as easy as it is.  I tried giving it a good tug when it was fastened and you couldn't pull it off easily, so that's also a plus.
     As I mentioned, the bibs are a bit big, maybe too big for small babies.  The photo above is one of my Baby Bee wearing it.  She is  a smaller than average five year old.  So think three and a half year old.  So these may be bigger than what you are looking for if you want bibs for a small baby.  I think these would be best for children who can feed themselves to an extent who are past the spoon-fed stage.
      What do you think of this non-traditional bib?  To learn more, check out Baby, Go-Green on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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