19 November, 2015

Holiday Specs Christmas Glasses #Review #HolidaySpecs

     In this house, we LOVE the holidays.  We love seeing family, cooking food, choosing just the right gift for everyone we love and giving them away and seeing the joy on people's faces.  This year we have quite a few pretty awesome handmade ideas if I can manage to pull them together in time.  One is a pretty cool card game and the other is a nice pillow set that a man could totally love.  But I digress, point is, we LOVE the holiday season.
     Our favorite is Thanksgiving, but of course we do also love Christmas.  We love the tree and the lights.  And what would make that cooler than to see the lights in a different "light" so to speak?  Holiday Specs Christmas glasses make that happen.  Where everyone else sees little points of light, you can see snowflakes or Santa, snowmen, even reindeer.

     What's cool about these glasses is that they not only come in flat paper glasses like we had the chance to try last year, but they also come in plastic sunglasses frames, which we love!  So you can choose which type you need.  For instance, my kids are rough on everything, so plastic is definitely the way to go.  Throwing a Christmas party and need goody bag throw-ins?  Paper glasses might be what you need.  And the paper ones come with this great blinking button that is perfect to look at if you want to see the cool designs.
     My photo didn't come out like I'd hoped, but you can kind of see what it looks like.  It's definitely more defined and awe-inspiring in person.  I know it's kind of "infomercial", but the video below gives you a better idea of what it really looks like when you have them on.

     I definitely think kids will love these.  They're just the thing to bring just a little more magic to a season that's already pretty great.  When do you start decorating?  To learn more, check out Holiday Specs on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website at HolidaySpecs.com.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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