28 November, 2015

Electric Milk Frother and Whisk with Coffee Spoon #Review #ElectricMilkFrother

     So my sister is a bit of a coffee addict.  Who isn't, right?  She's actually a big part of the reason that I am so addicted.  We'd get coffees a few times a week when we went into town and I soon realized that I could stay awake all day when I'd had coffee.  ALL day!  Who knew!?  So I drink it a lot now, mostly from Dunkin, I rarely make my own.  My sister on the other hand likes to make her own.  I don't blame her, coffees are expensive.  But when you make them at home, especially the cappuccinos, you just don;t get the froth that you do when you order them at the store.

     So this year for Christmas, she's getting an electric milk frother from me.   Not just a frother, but also a pretty cool scoop that also doubles as a clip to hold the coffee bag closed.  This set is from Classique and is sold on Amazon for a little under $23.

     Now, you might remember the frother I got for myself some time back.  It was decent, I liked it pretty well.  It wasn't as powerful as I'd hoped, but it frothed and it was pretty.  Well, not to compare or anything, but this one is one of those kitchen items that are a total beast.

     From the second that I took the frother out, I could tell that this was a superior product.  It was heavier, it seemed less "cheaply" made and the look was nicer too.  And when I finally got some batteries to put in it and I got to try it, I knew right away that I was right.  The power on this thing is amazing.  And it has two different settings too, which is nice.  Low does a good job, but if you want froth to fill your cup in seconds, high does the trick.

     The scoop is pretty awesome too.  It's an alligator type clip, but it's a really strong clamp.  I was pretty surprised by how nice it worked.  The scoop itself looks really nice and is a really great quality.  This set just really blew me away and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves coffee or has a coffe-loving friend on their gift list.
     To learn more, check out Classique on Amazon.
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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