27 November, 2012

Cleatskins Review

     You might remember from my post WAY back about how I was never really into sports and how I was thrilled that my daughter was into them.  No?  I don't blame you, it really was a ways back  But now my other daughter is doing them too.  First soccer this year and now basketball.  They will do soccer again next year  I think sports are great.  They are fun to watch and fun to play, good for your body and mind too.  You know, the only thing that stinks about sports is the organization it requires.  Schedules, banquets, gear... it is way too much for someone so severely disorganized as myself.  I was always forgetting their team shirts or their ball or their cleats!  When I did remember cleats, I didn't remember shoes *sigh*  It's sad but true, not a week went by that we weren't missing something.And of course our church's Kid's Club was immediately following and we had no time to go home and get sneakers.
     That's why Cleatskins struck me as so genius.  I'm pretty sure they were made just for me.  But then, my kids weren't the only ones in their cleats at Kid's Club for the first week or two of soccer season, so maybe not just for me.  They are rubber soles that you just slip over your cleats so that you can wear them like shoes until you get home.  How awesome is that!?  They come in an array of colors and not just solids, but multicolored too!
     They have camo grey, patriotic colors and pretty much any color with black.  Since I am really bad at sports gear, I had some trouble finding what I needed.  But the nice folks at Cleatskins helped me out in finding exactly the right ones for my girls.  They will be sporting the Premier Pink and Black set to match their pink and black cleats.  And The Punk's can grow with her because hers are a size XS, which is roughly a 1 - 2 /12 in US sizes.  Her cleats are a size 12 and they fit, but next year if she moves up to a size 1 or 2, she will still be set.  I love that these Cleatskins fit several sizes each.
     They came in a nice half-mesh bag with drawstring and Velcro closure.  It's perfect for toting them around or keeping together when in the car.  Ours are going to stay in the van under the girls' seats and they can put them on after practice while we are out and then take them off before going inside the house.  I think it's perfect, a great solution.
     My girls are in soccer, but perhaps your son does track or your kids are into cycling?  No biggie, Cleatskins makes a bunch of different kinds.  From golf to basketball (my kids are doing basketball next), so you are covered. 
     If you have a sports lover on your list this year, you should definitely look into Cleatskins, especially if that sports lover likes to walk on your wood floors in their cleats.  These cleat covers are a saver of time, frustration, and flooring for sure
     Thank you Cleatskins for an awesome product for us unorganized busy moms!
     Do your kids enjoy sports?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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