27 November, 2012

Bunny Slippers Review

     I love to be comfortable, who doesn't?  Wouldn't you just lay in bed all day if you could, wrapped up in a nice warm comforter that's way too big for your bed while reading a book or watching TV and eating a nice big bowl of comfort food?  I would!  Especially in the winter when the air is dry and uncomfortable, not to mention chilly.  I hate being chilly.  But I love comfort, which is why it is surprising to me that I don't own more slippers.  I have 2 pair and neither were ones I bought for myself.  In fact, I usually go around in flip flops or some other form of sandal and freeze my tootsies off all for the sake of comfort.  I never really noticed how much that didn't make sense.
     But a few weeks ago, I was made aware of this when I saw these insanely comfy looking slippers from Bunnyslippers.com. Of course, the mom in me thought of my kids first, but when they arrived, I almost wished I had gotten adult size because oh my gosh, they are SOFT!  They remind me of the mitts you wear to wax your car, the ones in Walmart that you always see and take a second to feel because they look so soft, but but never actually get because after all,  who can afford to wax..?  THOSE mitts.  They even look slightly like those mitts but way cuter.  Heck, I'd probably get those mitts at Walmart if they looked this cute.
     With the spotted nose and everything... tell me that's not cute.  I love the moppy look and the little antennas.  The streaker will love these!  They are just one of 26 different pairs of fuzzy slippers you can find at Bunny Slippers.  I'm loving the bee ones, I might have to get a pair for Baby Bee sometime :)
     These slippers have more of a supportive sole than a plush squishy type, but the insides of the toes are stuffed with softness.  I like that because usually with the plush soles, they get thin in spots overtime and that's no good.  The bottoms also have non-slip dots for safe traveling on those nighttime bathroom trips and such.  
     When looking through BunnySlippers.com, I loved seeing all the different options, from Animal Slippers, to Chewy and Yoda, to Bugs and Taz, Patriots and Cowboys, to Microwaveable!  You're not dreaming, I really did just say that.  Microwaveable slippers... I had no idea that dream even existed, and even in that cute moppy look!  I'm really not sure slippers could get any better, unless of course they spit out cash when you walked ;)
     There is only one kids size and I think the kids size will work fine for all of my kids.  My kids range in age from 2 1/2 to 8.  The slipper has an 8 inch insole, so it's easy enough to measure and be sure before ordering.  The streaker is almost 5, so I just trusted Bunny Slippers to take care of me and they didn't let me down, these slippers are sure to fit her.  They will probably fit her for 2 or 3 more years as well.
     If you visit Bunny Slippers (and I hope you do), you will notice that slippers, though their main item, is not all they sell.  They sell socks, hooded towels, stuffies and some other home goodness.  They have some great seasonal items if you are into that, like this snowman hooded towel or some cute Christmas themed socks.  
     They are also apparently a good source for educating oneself, because after browsing their site, I had to research and find out exactly what a Cthulhu was.  Essentially, it is this guy:
     A squid faced man with claws and wings, created by a man named H. P. Lovecraft and first seen in his short story "The Call of Cthulhu".  In case you already knew that and you are a Lovecraft fan, Bunny Slippers has a slipper for that.  Aren't those great people at Bunny Slippers prepared?
     Well, I wish I could stay and chat all day about how awesome these slippers are, but I need to go find socks cause my daughter got the slippers and my feet are still cold.  But I will leave you with this little guy, who in a happy little coincidence came in on the Bunny Slippers Package.  I don't remember ordering him, perhaps he was a perk?  Or maybe he just liked the slippers as much as I do :)
     Happy Shopping!

     You can find BunnySlippers.com on Facebook here.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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