27 November, 2012

Books Of Responsibility by Young People's Press Review

     Every day I see yet another child whom I am tempted to shake my head at.  Whether they are being very rude with no guidance whatsoever from the adult in charge or they are breaking rules with still no guidance, or sometimes they are being destructive with (you guessed it) no guidance, I see these children all the time.  Really I should be shaking my head at the adult and sometimes I do, especially if the adult makes excuses for the child instead of correcting them.  When my kids act up in public, I always wonder if people are secretly shaking their heads at me.  I guess at least I am guiding my children into proper behavior so if they are, I can't feel too badly about myself.
     It's important to me that I raise my children with values that I deem important.  Mainly, I want my children to be responsible, respectful and courteous.  I also want them to be honest and braver than I ever was.  Bravery is important because without it you will not stand up for yourself or your beliefs.  I can teach my kids as best I can, but how do I teach my kids something I never knew?
      Young People's Press had all these things in mind when they published the Books of Responsibility set.  This set of books is an incredible reference for parents who want something wholesome to read to their children about what values are really important and why.  The stories inside come from all over and touch on an array of subjects such as those I mentioned earlier.
     The illustrations are great and come in many different styles, differing from story to story.  One of my favorites, not just for the adorable illustrations, is the story of the five fingers.  It is a story of five fingers who's mother leaves the home for a while.  They start to get hungry and one of the fingers decides that he will try to convince the other four fingers to steal some food while their mother is away.  Thumb objects and is brave in standing up to his brothers.  When his brothers refuse to listen to reason and to respect the belongings others, Thumb moves away from his four brothers in shame and never again is with them.  I think it is a great lesson because sometimes you have to stand up to people you love and say things that they don't want to hear when you know that what you have to say is right.  It's very difficult to stand up and be heard in some circumstances.
     Another story I liked was one about two selfish children (Sun and Wind) and one generous child (Moon) who went to eat while their mother Star waited at home for their return.  Sun and Wind thought nothing at all of their mother as they ate and enjoyed themselves.  Moon on the other hand, not only thought of her mother, but save a bit of each course for her and brought it home when she returned.  As punishment for their selfishness, Sun was given harsh rays that burned everything it touched and people hid beneath hats from her always til the end of time.  Wind was punished with harsh breezes that tore at people's skin and made them also hate her.  Moon was rewarded for her kindness with soft and beautiful rays that people adored and enjoyed looking at always.
      The titles in the set are as follows:
  • Stories of Cooperation
  • Stories of Courage
  • Stories of Excellence
  • Stories of Fairness
  • Stories of Forgiveness
  • Stories of Friendship
  • Stories of Hard Work
  • Stories of Helpfulness
  • Stories of Kindness
  • Stories of Loyalty
  • Stories of Patience
  • Stories of Peacefulness
  • Stories of Respect
  • Stories of Sharing
  • Stories of Truthfulness
  • Stories of Wisdom
     They are intended for readers in grades 2 through 5 and also serve as a great story for younger children to listen to, even if they can not read.  Young People's Press specializes in books helping to build character and social skills.
     I've appreciated every story that I have read from these books and I hope that my children can take something from them.  I am very grateful to have these at home to share with my kids for years to come.  And Young People's Press thought you might like a set as well.  They are offering a set of six books to one of my readers. to enjoy at home with their kids.  Isn't that sweet of them?  All you have to do is use this easy peasy Rafflecopter entry system and Voila!  You are entered :)  Good luck!  Contest ends in 2 weeks.

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